The Mighty Kiney – Kinetic Honda DX ‘92

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Sep 11, 2009
November 2020

Searched through the parts bin and found some more spares.

Oil strainer. Missing this resulted in debris and increased volume of oil into pump.

2020-11-13 10-41-58.jpg

Longer nuts for exhaust, removed from the Y2K. Normal ones used to get loose with vibration easily.

2020-11-13 11-03-19.jpg

Exhaust gasket that came with the packing kit. Will install next time removing the exhuast.

2020-11-13 13-13-07.jpg

Installing the oil strainer. Drained the oil before the process and cleaned the strainer with diesel and blow dried.

2020-11-13 15-12-05.jpg

Goes inside the tank.

2020-11-13 15-12-11.jpg

Secured with the hole.

2020-11-13 15-12-41.jpg

Pouring back the drained oil.

2020-11-13 15-13-46.jpg

My favourite funnel came handy.

2020-11-13 15-13-53.jpg

Seat bang shut and it got shattered.

2020-11-13 16-06-14.jpg
2020-11-13 16-06-19.jpg

Out in broad daylight. Installed the platform. Started and took a small test ride through the lane and bang, the rear wheel was punctured. Parked again.

2020-11-13 16-19-02.jpg

Engine shuts off after getting hot, will idle for even 30 minutes before that. Improper tuning and choke setting. This is getting on my nerves. Badly needs a new battery, have to remove battery from Duke or Dio or even GT to start it. That process itself makes me lazy. Next being fixing the puncture. Put to rest again.

hi deville 56,
Please upload something about kiney
Nothing significant happened, so mulling updating.
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Sep 11, 2009
February 2022 - Another Attempt at Resurrection

Four and a half years sitting idle and two and three-quarter years since installing new carb. Next fitness test coming up in six months. Thoughts of letting it die were disturbing me a lot. Determined to put it back on road, started working on it again, began from carb.

Condition of the (once) brand-new carb that never got a chance to work properly.

2022-02-14 14-50-10.jpg
2022-02-14 14-50-12.jpg
2022-02-14 14-50-15.jpg

It was all gummy/murky inside.

2022-02-14 14-52-40.jpg
2022-02-14 14-52-43.jpg
2022-02-14 15-19-44.jpg
2022-02-14 15-19-47.jpg

Jets clogged again.

2022-02-14 15-20-14.jpg
2022-02-14 15-20-37.jpg

Thorough clean up again. Ran out of Magsol TB cleaner in between and bought an Abro, which was more powerful, but uneconomical smaller can. Had to pack up again due to severe skin irritation caused by it.

2022-02-14 15-22-16.jpg
2022-02-14 15-24-56.jpg

Foam air filters tends to powder over time and so did it happen. The outer net cover had already disintegrated.

2022-02-14 16-29-28.jpg
2022-02-14 16-29-30.jpg
2022-02-14 16-29-32.jpg
2022-02-14 16-29-38.jpg

Bought an air filter in 2020, but never installed due to stalled attempt. VHPL brand. Label too similar to Honda OE, decent quality.

VHPL VAF002 - ₹ 75.00

2022-02-14 16-30-41.jpg
2022-02-14 16-30-46.jpg
2022-02-14 16-31-17.jpg
2022-02-14 16-31-18.jpg

Soaked in oil and installed.

2022-02-14 16-44-58.jpg
2022-02-14 16-47-48.jpg

and again put to idle after another attempt.
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Sep 11, 2009
April 2022 - Ray of Hope

Fast-forward two months, I came across someone asking about carb for RD350 from the same brand. Experts were saying these carbs were crude in casting and always had issues with blockage due to sanding dust and needs thorough clean up before install and will improve over usage. Got a wild idea, like I did with GT, drained the fuel in the carb and emptied the TB cleaner into it, then fed with petrol. Pulled in the Polo and energized the Kiney (as I was too desperate [evil] and might need infinite cranks).

2022-04-10 14-19-59.jpg
2022-04-10 14-45-17.jpg

A long attempt.

Finally fired up.

This video helped a lot in understanding about carb and carb tuning. I was following the CV carb method due to my ignorance and finally (kinda) got it right. Set the air screw at 1 turn.

Found the throttle cable was gone and requires replacement, and the scooter actually required a manual choke. The automated manual choke on the Zoom was a disaster and always failed, and Kinetic themselves converted them to manual choke. @DEViANCE helped to gain insight about that setup.
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Sep 11, 2009
April - May 2022 - Updates

Minda TC-801 - ₹ 246.00

2022-05-01 11-18-39.jpg
2022-05-01 11-18-45.jpg
2022-05-01 11-18-48.jpg

Engine side and throttle side.

2022-05-01 11-19-33.jpg
2022-05-01 11-19-39.jpg

Damaged old one.

2022-05-01 11-32-39.jpg

Need to remove front panel, which alone has 10 +2 screws and 3 nuts.

2022-05-01 11-39-57.jpg

Platform cover also needs to comes off.

2022-05-01 11-45-41.jpg

Exposed front. Changing cables in scooters is real pain.

2022-05-01 11-45-48.jpg

RH switch removed.

2022-05-01 11-47-09.jpg

This set up needs either removal of the switch assembly completely or installing this end first before routing the cable.

2022-05-01 11-47-55.jpg

Carburettor side.

2022-05-01 11-48-33.jpg
2022-05-01 11-48-49.jpg

Oil pump side.

2022-05-01 11-49-03.jpg

2022-05-01 11-57-25.jpg

Old cable damaged end causing the play.

2022-05-01 11-58-52.jpg

New cable ready for install.

2022-05-01 11-59-33.jpg

Always wondered how the Y setup worked.

2022-05-01 16-11-51.jpg
2022-05-01 16-13-19.jpg
2022-05-01 16-13-00.jpg

New fuel filter and hose.

2022-05-01 13-13-11.jpg


2022-05-01 13-22-51.jpg

2022-05-01 13-22-57.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
May 2022 - More Updates

The resistor ceramics went brittle and the wire came off. Been trying to source one for a long time, but in vain.

2022-05-01 13-49-18.jpg

2022-05-15 11-42-51.jpg

Sanded out to find the value, 6.7 ohm, 20 W. Multilink brand. Panache was using Mahindra Duro resistor, which was 7.5 ohm, 30W. His Kinetic Honda originally came with 9.5 ohm, 5W, Multilink brand. Manual suggested the one I had. Value wasn't much of an issue here.

2022-05-01 16-10-28.jpg

Closest available was 10 ohms, 25 W.

2022-05-15 11-34-31.jpg
2022-05-15 11-34-38.jpg

Grabbed some supplies from my bin,

2022-05-15 11-46-29.jpg

and made my own resistor [evil]

2022-05-15 12-02-37.jpg

Cleaned up the frame and sprayed a coat of matt black.

2022-05-15 12-09-03.jpg

and installed the resistor when dried.

2022-05-15 14-13-51.jpg

Broke one of the side panel bolts that supported the whole platform during disassembly last time. It sat on 2 out of 3 bolts and over the front panel on a screw. There wasn't much stress on any of the mounts, but plagued me every time I saw the broken bit.

2022-05-01 14-01-29.jpg

Drilled it out.

2022-05-01 14-18-27.jpg

Got some M8 flange bolts.

2022-05-01 17-09-25.jpg

Trialled and fits well.

2022-05-01 14-20-47.jpg

Washed before re-assembly.

2022-05-01 16-56-23.jpg

2022-05-01 16-56-07.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
June 2022 - Finally Up and Running

Sat idle for one more month. Cranked up with Beat's battery.

2022-06-23 20-42-10.jpg

Up and idling.

2022-06-23 21-33-42.jpg

The reason it sat for years, the puncture. Each time I manage to start, the scooter was not rideable due to the wheel, and it sits again for a long time. The side wall was too hard that the installation was super difficult, so I was cent sure I have to replace the tyre with the first puncture itself, the reason being reluctant to repair it. Now with no way out, gave it a try. Took it back to the original installer, Arun Tyre Works. His face turned down, sad, angry, helpless when he saw the mess again. Two guys tried half an hour and this was the outcome. The rim was completely damaged. As expected, the side wall refused to budge out.

2022-06-24 18-10-07.jpg

Somehow, they managed to fix the puncture and hammered the rim back to almost a round. Asked not to bring it back under any circumstances [lol]

2022-06-24 18-26-27.jpg

He suggested replacing the rims and not to go local branded tyres, at least not tubeless ones on this type of rim. Paid him a little extra in case I had to visit again [gun]. The tyre had cracks everywhere on the side wall.

2022-06-24 18-26-31.jpg

Back home and installed

2022-06-24 18-31-41.jpg

Finally, Kiney starts putting some kilometres. Rode it stripped in case it broke down on the way.

2022-06-24 19-33-47.jpg

Still a head turner.

2022-06-24 19-49-00.jpg

Trial was successful. Needed manually pulling in the auto-choke during startups. A new problem cropped up as well. Death wobbles above 30 km/h. Thought it was due to the deformed rim and swapped the front and rear tyres and nothing different. Zeroed down to suspension bushes.
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Sep 11, 2009
June 2022 - Suspension Bush Replacement

Got bush kits from Spark Automobiles. Compatible with Activa's.

2022-06-27 11-06-35.jpg

Shock absorber bush kit aka green bush kit. Gabriel make, OE supplier.

Gabriel AM-20130021-1 - ₹ 83.50

2022-06-27 13-11-32.jpg

2022-06-27 13-11-57.jpg

The kit consists of four green bushes and two sleeves.

2022-06-27 13-21-44.jpg

2022-06-27 13-30-58.jpg

Pivot arm bush kit. Goldstar brand, label mimics Honda OE parts. ₹ 138.00

2022-06-27 13-11-36.jpg
2022-06-27 13-12-00.jpg

Kit contains two sets of bushes, sleeves, washer, bolt and Nyloc nut.

2022-06-27 13-34-44.jpg

2022-06-27 13-35-10.jpg

Just need to remove front wheel for green bush install.

2022-06-27 13-15-32.jpg

Removing the pivot arm exposes the green bush,

2022-06-27 13-16-40.jpg

which was non-existent. I never knew there was a replaceable bush in there.

2022-06-27 13-16-50.jpg
2022-06-27 13-17-18.jpg

Removed and cleaned up.

2022-06-27 13-19-47.jpg

Installation is pretty easy and straight forward. First insert bush on one side,

2022-06-27 13-31-45.jpg

then the sleeve,

2022-06-27 13-32-03.jpg

and then the other side. Done. Installing both bushes and then pushing in the sleeve needs a lot of effort.

2022-06-27 13-25-38.jpg
2022-06-27 13-27-24.jpg

Pivot arm bush was seized and didn't waste energy on it. Never replaced to my knowledge. Needs professional expertise, so let it be. Would remove the fork assembly and get it done at some lathe at some later time.

2022-06-27 13-36-06.jpg

The nut and the bolt. Bolt was longer than stock, so thought of correcting size as the first step.

2022-06-27 13-59-40.jpg

Tyre won't fit in.

2022-06-27 14-21-45.jpg
2022-06-27 14-21-52.jpg

Cut it to length with hacksaw.

2022-06-27 14-24-23.jpg
2022-06-27 14-24-35.jpg

Reversed the sides. Now there is proper clearance.

2022-06-27 15-07-07.jpg

Installed everything back. Death wobble is now light wobble. Might go away with completion of the job.
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Sep 11, 2009
June 2022 - Goodies

Spark Plug - Bosch W175Z1 - ₹ 95.00

Settled with Bosch as NGK plug was unavailable for Kinetic.

2022-07-06 09-14-14.jpg

2022-07-06 09-14-04.jpg

Compatible with many mopeds, models unknown to me.

2022-07-06 09-14-10.jpg
2022-07-06 09-14-20.jpg
2022-07-06 09-14-52.jpg
2022-07-06 09-15-10.jpg

It has an alternative part number W7A0.

2022-07-06 09-15-28.jpg

Came with removable terminal adapter.

2022-07-06 09-15-49.jpg

In comparison to NGK G-Power.

2022-07-06 19-13-41.jpg

Low beam was dead. Bought new, but wrong bulb.

2022-07-06 09-12-30.jpg
2022-07-06 09-12-54.jpg

Replaced with the correct one. Headlight Bulb - Osram 62335RV - ₹ 65.00, MRP ₹ 72.00

2022-07-06 17-35-36.jpg
2022-07-06 17-35-45.jpg
2022-07-06 17-35-56.jpg
2022-07-06 17-36-15.jpg
2022-07-06 17-36-28.jpg

Found same bulb bought long back in my bulb bin and chose to install it.

2022-07-06 10-20-45.jpg
2022-07-06 10-20-57.jpg
2022-07-06 10-21-03.jpg
2022-07-06 10-21-25.jpg
2022-07-06 10-21-30.jpg

Got a remote lock actuator to replace the auto choke, but ditched the idea due to space constraints.

2022-07-06 17-23-07.jpg
2022-07-06 17-23-11.jpg

2022-07-06 18-02-52.jpg

Choke Cable - Suprajit SSZ0400 - ₹ 167.00

New choke cable from Suzuki Access/Swish 125. Suprajit brand, maker of most OE cables.

2022-07-06 09-13-48.jpg

2022-07-06 09-13-54.jpg

Ditched the auto choke and set up the manual choke. Had enough length to mount the pull lever somewhere in the front.

2022-07-06 18-24-02.jpg

Valvoline Racing 2T - ₹ 124.00, MRP ₹ 168.00 x 2

2022-07-06 09-16-41.jpg
2022-07-06 09-16-49.jpg

Drained the Kinetic Honda 2T oil as it was too smoky and filled up with Valvoline.

2022-07-06 18-39-08.jpg


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Oct 15, 2011
Some Village
Replaced with the correct one. Headlight Bulb - Osram 62335RV - ₹ 65.00, MRP ₹ 72.00
This bulb does not have a low beam shield. The beam pattern must be wonky & glaring.
My 1st gen activa also uses BA20D bulbs. But the factory 35/35 has a leaf on low beam filament.
Sample image-

P.S- Enjoying every bit of rebuild log.
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