The Mighty Kiney – Kinetic Honda DX ‘92

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Sep 11, 2009
November 2020

Searched through the parts bin and found some more spares.

Oil strainer. Missing this resulted in debris and increased volume of oil into pump.

2020-11-13 10-41-58.jpg

Longer nuts for exhaust, removed from the Y2K. Normal ones used to get loose with vibration easily.

2020-11-13 11-03-19.jpg

Exhaust gasket that came with the packing kit. Will install next time removing the exhuast.

2020-11-13 13-13-07.jpg

Installing the oil strainer. Drained the oil before the process and cleaned the strainer with diesel and blow dried.

2020-11-13 15-12-05.jpg

Goes inside the tank.

2020-11-13 15-12-11.jpg

Secured with the hole.

2020-11-13 15-12-41.jpg

Pouring back the drained oil.

2020-11-13 15-13-46.jpg

My favourite funnel came handy.

2020-11-13 15-13-53.jpg

Seat bang shut and it got shattered.

2020-11-13 16-06-14.jpg
2020-11-13 16-06-19.jpg

Out in broad daylight. Installed the platform. Started and took a small test ride through the lane and bang, the rear wheel was punctured. Parked again.

2020-11-13 16-19-02.jpg

Engine shuts off after getting hot, will idle for even 30 minutes before that. Improper tuning and choke setting. This is getting on my nerves. Badly needs a new battery, have to remove battery from Duke or Dio or even GT to start it. That process itself makes me lazy. Next being fixing the puncture. Put to rest again.

hi deville 56,
Please upload something about kiney
Nothing significant happened, so mulling updating.

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