The Mighty Kiney – Kinetic Honda DX ‘92

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Sep 11, 2009
This bulb does not have a low beam shield. The beam pattern must be wonky & glaring.
My 1st gen activa also uses BA20D bulbs. But the factory 35/35 has a leaf on low beam filament.
Sample image-

P.S- Enjoying every bit of rebuild log.
Had seen the shield in the ball-type bulb, but not in the bullet-type halogen version. Dad always used the ball-type bulb stating the halogen bulbs were illegal.

Beam pattern is weird irrespective of the bulb, thanks to the old school reflector design. Spread is very poor compared to newer multifocal reflectors. Even the high beam is not useful for the rider nor irritate the traffic [lol]. Most of the Kineys used to have an Autopal 100-rupee aux lamp then. Used to ride with high-low switch balanced between two for combined beam [evil]. With new sturdy clicking switch, that jugaad not possible now and the only way to ride safe at night is to ride (too) slow. (I had a recent slow speed fall because of the poor lighting, will update with timeline).
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Sep 11, 2009
July 2022 - New Shorter Choke Cable

Recently replaced all cables on my sister's Suzuki Lets, so knew it will fit Kiney too and bought Suzuki choke cable as the first option and thought of installing the pull lever in the front. Then dropped the idea as there was no recessed space like other scooters, with the box occupying most of the space.

2022-07-06 18-24-02.jpg

Then imagined installing somewhere near the battery cover, but the cable was too long and curling it up with make it inoperable.

2022-07-14 17-58-01.jpg

After some homework, found Honda Unicorn 160 choke cable had a similar end and bought it. Got it from Autoland, Bakery Junction.
Choke Cable - Honda 17950K38901 - ₹ 82.00

2022-07-12 10-26-08.jpg

It was just over a foot long.

2022-07-12 10-28-28.jpg

Met with a roadblock. There was 3.5 cm extra length, which made huge free play.

2022-07-14 18-08-10.jpg

Fully closed position. Many stupid ideas came up.

2022-07-14 18-08-39.jpg
2022-07-14 18-08-58.jpg

Had FZ's choke parts lying around, but couldn't find one in time to try. Jugaad came up in mind, a spacer. This ball point pen had to sacrifice.

2022-07-14 18-29-03.jpg

Removed the ink with thinner. It was all mess.

2022-07-14 18-31-16.jpg

Drilled a bigger hole through to allow free passage of cable, then made the mouth bit bigger for seating of the cable outer and trimmed the outer diameter on the other side to fit inside the brass fitting.

2022-07-14 18-54-39.jpg

2022-07-14 21-08-22.jpg

It took 4 prototypes before the final one. Slaughtered one more pen.

2022-07-14 21-07-23.jpg

Installed on top of the battery cover. Had to check clearance before finalizing the position.

2022-07-17 18-37-54.jpg
2022-07-20 13-08-09.jpg

Done with the choke cable.

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