The Mighty Kiney – Kinetic Honda DX ‘92

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Sep 11, 2009
This bulb does not have a low beam shield. The beam pattern must be wonky & glaring.
My 1st gen activa also uses BA20D bulbs. But the factory 35/35 has a leaf on low beam filament.
Sample image-

P.S- Enjoying every bit of rebuild log.
Had seen the shield in the ball-type bulb, but not in the bullet-type halogen version. Dad always used the ball-type bulb stating the halogen bulbs were illegal.

Beam pattern is weird irrespective of the bulb, thanks to the old school reflector design. Spread is very poor compared to newer multifocal reflectors. Even the high beam is not useful for the rider nor irritate the traffic [lol]. Most of the Kineys used to have an Autopal 100-rupee aux lamp then. Used to ride with high-low switch balanced between two for combined beam [evil]. With new sturdy clicking switch, that jugaad not possible now and the only way to ride safe at night is to ride (too) slow. (I had a recent slow speed fall because of the poor lighting, will update with timeline).
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Sep 11, 2009
July 2022 - New Shorter Choke Cable

Recently replaced all cables on my sister's Suzuki Lets, so knew it will fit Kiney too and bought Suzuki choke cable as the first option and thought of installing the pull lever in the front. Then dropped the idea as there was no recessed space like other scooters, with the box occupying most of the space.

2022-07-06 18-24-02.jpg

Then imagined installing somewhere near the battery cover, but the cable was too long and curling it up with make it inoperable.

2022-07-14 17-58-01.jpg

After some homework, found Honda Unicorn 160 choke cable had a similar end and bought it. Got it from Autoland, Bakery Junction.
Choke Cable - Honda 17950K38901 - ₹ 82.00

2022-07-12 10-26-08.jpg

It was just over a foot long.

2022-07-12 10-28-28.jpg

Met with a roadblock. There was 3.5 cm extra length, which made huge free play.

2022-07-14 18-08-10.jpg

Fully closed position. Many stupid ideas came up.

2022-07-14 18-08-39.jpg
2022-07-14 18-08-58.jpg

Had FZ's choke parts lying around, but couldn't find one in time to try. Jugaad came up in mind, a spacer. This ball point pen had to sacrifice.

2022-07-14 18-29-03.jpg

Removed the ink with thinner. It was all mess.

2022-07-14 18-31-16.jpg

Drilled a bigger hole through to allow free passage of cable, then made the mouth bit bigger for seating of the cable outer and trimmed the outer diameter on the other side to fit inside the brass fitting.

2022-07-14 18-54-39.jpg

2022-07-14 21-08-22.jpg

It took 4 prototypes before the final one. Slaughtered one more pen.

2022-07-14 21-07-23.jpg

Installed on top of the battery cover. Had to check clearance before finalizing the position.

2022-07-17 18-37-54.jpg
2022-07-20 13-08-09.jpg

Done with the choke cable.
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Sep 11, 2009
July 2022 - Insurance and Road Tax

Renewed insurance with Go Digit. Liability only. Acko didn't offer one for such an old machine.

TP - ₹664.00
GST - ₹119.52
Net Premium - ₹783.52

Road tax was paid in June 2021. It was pending from July 2020.

Five-Year Road Tax - ₹927.00
Late Payment Fine - ₹90.00
Total - ₹1017.00

Valid till June 2025.
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Sep 11, 2009
July 2022 - New Rim and Tyre

Got Scooty Pep rim after an unsuccessful search for KH rim. The guy at Venkiteswara Agencies suggested going for this rim, assuring the holes are the same, but rim width was a bit less. He also offered to arrange original rims in a week if I need them. Being impatient on getting new tyre, bought the Pep wheels.

Scooty Pep Rim - BA-3262 - ₹ 550.00 (MRP ₹ 566.00)

2022-07-17 12-38-31.jpg
2022-07-17 12-38-40.jpg
2022-07-17 12-39-06.jpg
2022-07-17 12-39-12.jpg

Boltholes matched perfectly. He asked to check and confirm before installing tyres and to return if misfit.

2022-07-17 12-57-33.jpg
2022-07-17 12-57-39.jpg

Bought Michelin City Pro from Nayana Tyres. I wanted something in the 90/100-10 size with chunkier pattern, but he recommended fitting stock size as the rim was already narrower than stock.

Michelin City Pro 3.50-10 - ₹ 1,500.00

2022-07-17 16-58-46.jpg

2022-07-17 16-58-55.jpg
2022-07-17 16-58-50.jpg

Installed in the front to check for wobble.

2022-07-17 17-13-22.jpg

Fixing other missing bits.

Old vs new bulb.

2022-07-17 18-50-58.jpg

Brimmed up with the second bottle.

2022-07-17 19-03-38.jpg

Replaced battery terminal with proper one.

2022-07-20 14-19-04.jpg
2022-07-20 14-31-58.jpg

Fuel gauge was erratic. Checked all the wiring and even the gauge, and finally found wire was off the float.

2022-07-20 14-41-45.jpg

Original 1992 float, Pricol make, survived all these years.

2022-07-20 14-43-20.jpg
2022-07-20 14-43-28.jpg

Fuel float from the scrapped Zoom. It was Multilink make. Cleaned and installed.

2022-07-20 14-41-57.jpg

Float won't fit without this rubber bush.

2022-07-20 14-47-26.jpg

Almost done.

2022-07-17 20-21-26.jpg

95% complete. Didn't like the look of 3.50-100 in the front. 90/90-10 looks better, making the stance right.

2022-07-20 17-31-04.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
July 2022 - New Battery

Kiney gets his own battery after living batteryless for some time. Got the Amaron Pro-Rider 5Ah with usual 24+24-month pro rata warranty.

Amaron Pro Bike Rider AP-BTX5L - ₹ 1,350.00 (MRP ₹ 1,650.00 - Buyback ₹ 300.00)

2022-07-23 19-37-26.jpg
2022-07-23 19-37-30.jpg
2022-07-23 19-37-43.jpg
2022-07-23 19-38-03.jpg
2022-07-23 19-38-12.jpg
2022-07-23 19-38-29.jpg

My usual battery shop for quite some years.

2022-07-20 18-12-43.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
July 2022 - Final Touch-ups Before Hitting the Road

Fixed the loose connections.

2022-07-24 10-57-29.jpg

and de-tangled the wires. Tightened the steering.

2022-07-24 11-14-53.jpg

Swapped the wheels. New Michelin goes to the back.

2022-07-24 15-43-53.jpg

Managed to screwup axle threads. Couldn't find a Kinetic axle, so settled with Activa one, which was longer by an inch, but would serve the purpose.

Front Axle - Honda 44301KPL900 - ₹ 122.00

2022-07-24 14-29-58.jpg

Front Axle Nut - ₹ 30.00

2022-07-24 14-30-02.jpg

Kinetic vs Honda front axle comparison. Third one is the foundation bolt.

2022-07-24 14-35-33.jpg

The extra one inch was messing with the hub cover. Went back to get some thicker washers, which wasn't available, they gave ones for Bajaj Chetak. Washers were bent/curved, covering extra space.

2022-07-25 18-23-55.jpg


2022-07-25 18-49-26.jpg

Hub Cover Set - VHPL VKH042A - ₹ 80.00

2022-07-25 18-52-41.jpg

2022-07-25 18-54-03.jpg

Yamalube Gear Oil - ₹ 52.00

2022-07-24 15-50-00.jpg

Draining and filling bolts.

2022-07-24 15-45-17.jpg

Remove them to drain and fill.

2022-07-24 15-50-30.jpg

Keep the filling hole open for easy draining.

2022-07-24 15-50-40.jpg

Close the bottom hole and fill up the brim. Rather use a tube than this stupid method. Ended up spilling my 2T oil.

2022-07-24 15-55-11.jpg

All set and finally fully roadworthy.

2022-07-24 16-05-25.jpg

Straight to PUC testing and passed with good numbers.

2022-07-24 16-19-36.jpg

My daily ride for the time being.

2022-07-31 21-30-28.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
August 2022 - Updates

Retest was down the corner and the body was in good shape, just needing touching up the rust in the exposed parts of the frame, rims, etc. But thanks to the Kerala PWD (and to some extent, the super bright headlight) hit a pothole filled with water, which was deep enough that the platform bottomed out at dead slow speed. Luckily didn't fall. Front indicator panel mounts broke and fell off. The fallen panel scratched the front body panel. My phone fell right into the crater. Spent some time fishing it out. Luckily it worked and this photo was clicked on the same phone.

2022-08-01 20-00-51.jpg

Chances of sourcing the panel were less than 10% and no time for a last minute paint job. So, jugaad time. Cut out a piece from an old number plate.

2022-08-02 17-59-06.jpg

Made a clamp out of it.

2022-08-02 18-25-52.jpg

The other side had minimal damage, can be managed with a washer.

2022-08-02 18-25-55.jpg

Industrial grade glue stick.

2022-08-02 18-28-27.jpg

Moulded the broken bit as support to the aluminium piece.

2022-08-02 19-16-46.jpg
2022-08-02 19-16-58.jpg

The less damaged side.

2022-08-02 19-16-52.jpg

Installed back.

2022-08-02 19-31-41.jpg

Back to daily commute.

2022-08-04 12-53-51.jpg

Back to Balan for seat cover. They removed the seat and gave an ETA of 3 hours.

2022-08-06 16-02-33.jpg

I was about to ride back on the tank and they they gave an old seat to save my precious stuff [lol]

2022-08-06 12-31-52.jpg

The outcome.

2022-08-06 16-10-36.jpg

Just a generic old-school seat. Forgot to tell not to put the logo. Paid ₹ 380.00

2022-08-06 16-10-44.jpg

2022-08-06 16-10-52.jpg
2022-08-06 16-10-59.jpg

With the Stealth. Generation gap.

2022-08-06 18-30-04_1.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
August 2022 - Final Preparation for Retest

Washed thoroughly.

2022-08-07 17-07-05.jpg

Got an Esdee Matt Black can.

2022-08-07 17-34-23.jpg

Painted the rear rim and externally visible black parts. Body painting was intact from last test, with some minor scratches. A quick polishing hid them well.

2022-08-07 17-45-25.jpg

Firmly connected all the bullet connectors and disconnected the DRL.

2022-08-07 18-14-19.jpg

Felt the rear brake cable would snap any time and used some brute force to prove me right. Luckily the lever didn't break.

2022-08-10 18-33-59.jpg

Rear Brake Cable - Minda RB-801 - ₹ 150.00 (MRP ₹ 159.00)

2022-08-10 17-51-33.jpg
2022-08-10 17-51-37.jpg

Bought front brake cable too. Suprajit SKH0200 - ₹ 120.00 (MRP ₹ 132.00)

2022-08-10 17-51-20.jpg
2022-08-10 17-51-23.jpg

Bought one more set of hub covers, broke the one-month-old one.
VHPL VKH042A - ₹ 80.00

2022-08-10 17-51-41.jpg
2022-08-10 18-30-34.jpg

And a couple of screws and bolts to replace the externally visible ones.

2022-08-10 18-12-33.jpg

Snapped cable was pretty old.

2022-08-10 18-32-38.jpg

Replacing cables in scooters have always been a mess.

2022-08-10 18-43-11.jpg

New cables installed.

2022-08-10 18-43-15.jpg

Indicator flasher was acting weird, so replaced them. Asked for an electronic flasher and he gave this claiming to be one. Checked at home, and it was just normal load dependent flasher, 20+20+5W

2022-08-10 19-26-52.jpg

Returned and asked specifically for this specific Minda model, which I use for all LED conversions.

Minda Indicator Flasher - 850036 - ₹ 95.00 (₹ 99.00)

2022-08-10 19-41-38.jpg
2022-08-10 19-42-26.jpg

Installed everything and set back the scooter. No final snaps as usual, becoming a habit [frustration]
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Sep 11, 2009
August 2022 - 30th Year Fitness Test

Last minute prep for the FC test.

2022-08-12 08-07-30.jpg
2022-08-12 09-21-04.jpg

Presented and passed without issue. Fees ₹ 1,105.00.

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