Life With Chevrolet Sail: Ownership Review

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Feb 17, 2017
Kollam, Kerala
The hack job looks stock, won't differentiate easily.

Check whether other OEMs would fit. Bought universal one for Polo. Works okay, better than no antenna, but not as good as stock.
Got a universal one from Amazon for Rs.300 which turned out to be useless. There was 0 reception.


It was a relevation when I found out that the antenna thread of our Ignis is same as the Sail. However, the rubber covering had to be cut for it to fit. Got one from Suzuki Spare parts store for Rs. 230.
It is the same antenna used in Ignis, Swift, S Cross, and Baleno.


Suzuki Antenna in the bottom with the rubber cut off from the end.



The newly bought antenna was installed in the Ignis and the one from Ignis was cut and installed in the Sail.
The radio is so clear now even in an enclosed parking spot with metal roofing. I have never heard the radio in this car with so much clarity even with the OEM antenna. It basically feels like streaming from the internet.
Therefore, if anyone is looking to improve the radio reception of their Chevrolet Sail or any other car (if the thread is the same), get a Maruti Suzuki Antenna for Rs. 230!
Nov 9, 2013
Gurgaon, Shimla
Being in the same boat as you, I too have a Chevolet Sail Tcdi which i bought in the year 2013 - the only difference is that i have been able to drive it upto the 2 Lac KM mark, and would be crossing this mark shortly.

I want to ask you one thing, why not use the Chevrolet authorised Service stations for the car's service and maintenance. In all these years I have always relied on the chevy ASS and they have never let me down.

Close to 2 Lac KM, I have always got my car serviced religiously at every 10000Km and apart from running repairs, the car hasn't asked for something out of the box - even the clutch remains unchanged.

I was thinking that I will be able to drive this car upto atleast 3lac KM, but NGT ban in Delhi NCR has really screwed those plans, althought the car is in great shape but will have to part ways in coming months - Sad but true.
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