Barricade - Yamaha FZ-16 (2009) - Midnight Black

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Sep 11, 2009
November 2022 - Updates

Bought Valvoline 4T Premium 20W50. MRP ₹ 523.00, got for ₹ 410.00
The mechanic didn't mention changing oil. Just checked level before (attempting) oil change and it was fresh oil. Possibly MAK 20W40 mineral, which he stocks in barrel. Kept the Valvoline in the shelf for the time being.

2022-11-05 17-52-31.jpg
2022-11-05 17-52-38.jpg
2022-11-05 17-53-13.jpg
2022-11-05 17-53-20.jpg

Don't know how every mechanic manage to do this [frustration]

2022-11-07 14-24-20.jpg

Had all them with me.

2022-11-07 14-11-07.jpg

Straight Screw Plug - 90340-14117 - ₹ 11.00

2022-11-07 14-23-41.jpg

Straight Screw Plug - 90340-32805 - ₹ 13.00

2022-11-07 14-23-56.jpg

O-Ring (Big) - 93210-32813₹ - 18.00

2022-11-07 14-23-09.jpg

O-Ring (Small) - 93210-14899 - ₹ 9.00

2022-11-07 14-23-28.jpg

Had no tools with me. Borrowed an old chisel from the neighbour. Steel scale was perfect.

2022-11-07 14-26-38.jpg

Simple unscrew.

2022-11-07 14-26-50.jpg

Old vs new.

2022-11-07 14-27-59.jpg
2022-11-07 14-28-06.jpg

Installed. Why can't an experienced mechanic do the same?

2022-11-07 14-34-20.jpg

Soot on the plug. Might've happened pre-valve replacement. Installed a less used clean OE NGK plug to check before getting a new plug.

2022-11-07 18-33-35.jpg

Hit 154k. Took 3 months for the 1000.

2022-11-07 18-52-07.jpg

Battery band, rusted, but factory stock.

2022-11-14 17-08-46.jpg

Side panel had cracking. Fixed by the Chinese YouTube fix. Needs replacement.

2022-11-14 17-30-33.jpg

Washed and lube.

2022-11-17 18-38-17.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
I'm thinking of upgrading to a new bike (will also keep my FZ as primary bike) thinking about new duke 250 or Apache RTR 310 (base model). can you suggest which one is proper and good upgrade from FZ V2?
That would be a personal choice. Test drive both and see which one is more comfortable or tastes your taste better. Secondly, check for service quality and parts availability in your location.

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