Barricade - Yamaha FZ-16 (2009) - Midnight Black

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Sep 11, 2009
September 2022 - Updates

Random shots to start with.

2022-09-14 19-50-00.jpg
2022-09-19 20-02-14.jpg
2022-09-19 20-47-17.jpg
2022-09-20 20-21-08.jpg

Signs of vapour leak.

2022-09-21 17-26-46.jpg

Dipstick O-Ring - 93210-19809 - ₹ 6.00

2022-09-21 17-28-49.jpg

Hardly any noticeable difference from old worn ring.

2022-09-21 17-29-40.jpg

New ring installed.

2022-09-21 17-30-02.jpg

Got new clutch lever yoke (holder) as there was play in the lever.

Lever Holder LH - 5YY-H2911-02 - ₹ 145.00

2022-09-21 17-25-12.jpg
2022-09-21 17-25-17.jpg
2022-09-21 17-25-21.jpg

Clutch Lever Bolt - ₹ 6.00

2022-09-21 17-25-27.jpg
2022-09-21 17-25-38.jpg

Installation. Grip and switch needs to be removed as the holder can only be slid out through the side. Undid the clutch cable and removed the mirror.

2022-09-21 17-34-53.jpg
2022-09-21 17-42-07.jpg

Removing clutch switch. Just a push in the notch with a screwdriver.

2022-09-21 17-42-47.jpg
2022-09-21 17-42-55.jpg

Clutch switch. No issue so far.

2022-09-21 17-43-24.jpg

Old bolt didn't have any issue.

2022-09-21 17-47-33.jpg


2022-09-21 18-02-15.jpg

Clutch Cable - 21C-F6335-04 - ₹ 210.00

2022-09-21 17-52-59.jpg
2022-09-21 17-53-40.jpg
2022-09-21 17-53-45.jpg

The old one was rusty and return was hard. Cable was less than 2 years old. Post-replacement, clutch became super light.

2022-09-21 17-57-02.jpg
2022-09-21 17-57-10.jpg

Drenched in rain.

2022-10-11 22-13-38.jpg

Diwali smoke bombs[lol]

2022-10-24 20-32-28.jpg
2022-10-24 20-32-32.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
October 2022 - Timing Chain Tensioner and Rocker Arm Replacement

Barricade had some tappet/timing chain noise and needed adjustment. FZ had a OE Yamaha, but non-FZ timing chain tensioner installed by one of the Yamaha mechanics and another guy misplaced its rubber cover causing oil leak and noise. Told the former to replace it twice with original FZ part, which he never did. Wanted to replace it before going for adjustments, as I doubted he would consider my third request or might replace with the same non-FZ adjuster as he is fond of saving little pounds for his customers.

2022-10-25 18-12-21.jpg

Got the tensioner from neighbourhood store, who now stocks Yamaha OE spares also.

Cam Chain Tensioner - 21C-E2210-02 - ₹ 190.00

2022-10-25 18-02-31.jpg

Content of the package.

2022-10-25 18-03-23.jpg

Tensioner set at its zero position and locked with the adjuster. Removing the adjuster will release it to full tension on the chain.

2022-10-25 18-03-27.jpg
2022-10-25 18-03-31.jpg
2022-10-25 18-03-46.jpg
2022-10-25 18-03-58.jpg

Locked position.

2022-10-25 18-06-14.jpg

Released position. Adjusting the tension was simple, tightening the screw would bring the tensioner to neutral position and removing the adjuster/screwdriver will push it back to full tension, and it keeps the cam chain in tension. Shot a video on that, but can't find now.

2022-10-25 18-06-20.jpg

Forgot about packing. Individual packing was not available at the neighbourhood store and with the Yamaha shop closed by now, bought a (non-OE) full gasket kit from him. I can't control my impulse purchases.

Full Gasket Kit - Victor VGP-1676-A1 - ₹ 140.00

2022-10-25 18-02-19.jpg
2022-10-25 18-02-24.jpg

Tensioner and the needed gasket.

2022-10-25 18-10-14.jpg

New vs. old. FZ OE part was black while the installed part was silver, which was kicking my OCD since the day of install. Mechanics managed to jam pack it with gasket maker and turned out they never installed the gasket. I lost track of who did what.

2022-10-25 18-15-58.jpg

Gap difference between both of them.

2022-10-25 18-16-14.jpg

Installed the tensioner, no pics. Nowadays, misses clicking final snaps.

My next confusion was the guy to fix the noise. First, I took it to the veteran Yamaha mechanic. He said nothing wrong with the bike, but I trusted my ears more than him. Then I met with the Yamaha SVC SA while getting parts and he was 2-3 km from my home and fixes commuter bikes at home. He didn't sound confident with the task, and I forgot saving his number. Third was the Vinayaka Honda, where I give all the gearless scooters and did fork oil change for Barricade a couple of times. I was sceptical about his skills on Yamaha engines. He told instantly that the rocker arm bearings are gone, reason being low oil. It was Motul 5100 this time, which usually won't drop that much. He warned about scars on cylinder block as a result. Replaced rocker arms, engine oil, and reset the valves and set the timing. Total bill was ₹ 1,200.00.

2022-10-25 19-06-44.jpg

Spotted this Gulf Blue FZ-S there. Done by the same guy who painted our Dio and Kiney.

2022-10-25 19-09-34.jpg

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