Barricade - Yamaha FZ-16 (2009) - Midnight Black

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Sep 11, 2009
March 2022 - Exhaust Painting

Exhaust has been a sore part on the bike with the faded, rusty appearance.

2022-03-01 16-07-45.jpg

Bought in September 2021 and painted in March 2022, thanks to commitments, laziness and back pain. Nippon Ryo Pylac 1000 Heat-Resistant Black Spray Can MRP ₹ 487.00, got ₹ 195.00 discount with effective price ₹ 292.00. Got from Santha Paint House.

2022-03-01 17-54-41.jpg
2022-03-01 17-54-50.jpg

Removal. One nut ant bolt near rear foot rest.

2022-03-01 16-13-43_1.jpg

One bolt on either side of the exhaust underbelly.

2022-03-01 16-13-56.jpg
2022-03-01 16-14-50.jpg

Two nuts on engine head.

2022-03-01 16-15-29.jpg

These two nuts are difficult to access. Only the 1/4 inch drive would fit (maybe the 3/8 too). 1/4 to 3/8 to 1/2 adaptation vs direct 1/2 inch drive [lol]

2022-03-01 16-18-29.jpg

With everything unfastened and some wiggle, the exhaust comes off. Can be pulled out with some twisty moves.

2022-03-01 16-20-47.jpg

Cover up the exhaust port.

2022-03-02 17-02-51.jpg

Removed the covers.

2022-03-01 16-22-03.jpg

Condition of exhaust. Dirt + tar + rust. No holes.

2022-03-01 16-22-10.jpg
2022-03-01 16-22-28.jpg

Started off with diesel and wire brushes.

2022-03-01 16-28-52.jpg
2022-03-01 16-40-15.jpg

Then with stolen wire sponge and vim liquid.

2022-03-01 16-50-29.jpg

Ended up wet sanding with 400 & 800 water paper.

2022-03-01 17-20-37.jpg

Once more vim liquid.

2022-03-01 17-50-41.jpg

Painted two coats with 30 min gap.

2022-03-01 18-17-20.jpg

Left to bake in sun for 3-4 hours.

2022-03-02 12-14-53.jpg

New exhaust cover.

2022-03-02 16-35-54.jpg
2022-03-02 16-35-58.jpg
2022-03-02 16-36-01.jpg
2022-03-02 16-36-09.jpg
2022-03-02 16-36-13.jpg

Old broken cover.

2022-03-02 16-36-30.jpg

Old vs new.

2022-03-02 16-35-36.jpg

Forgot to buy rubber grommets and spacers (again). Reused the old ones.

2022-03-02 16-39-55.jpg

Ready to install.

2022-03-02 16-49-43.jpg

The incomplete look. Electric bikes would sorely miss those.

2022-03-02 16-55-37.jpg
2022-03-02 16-55-54.jpg

Positioned before install. Chances of scratching is high, reason for installing the cover later.

2022-03-02 17-01-55.jpg

Exhaust Pipe Gasket - 21C-E4613-00 - ₹ 22.00
Recommended replacing every time refitting the exhaust, but not mandatory.

2022-03-02 12-34-56.jpg
2022-03-02 17-04-11.jpg

Installed the gasket.

2022-03-02 17-04-57.jpg

Hook up the exhaust port first

2022-03-02 17-10-07.jpg

and align and install the rear bolt.

2022-03-02 17-09-57.jpg

Install rest of the bolts and and tighten up and done.

2022-03-02 17-32-20.jpg

Old gasket and carbon build-up.

2022-03-06 11-01-19.jpg

Old ones were rusted, so bought new ones

2022-03-07 18-19-09.jpg

and replaced later.

2022-03-07 18-21-21.jpg

There would be fumes and unpleasant smell for some days till the paint bakes and settles down.
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Sep 11, 2009
March 2022 - New Handle Grips

Dirt in grip, prompted replacement. Last changed in 2017.

2022-03-07 17-30-55.jpg

New grips.
Handle Grip RH - 21C-F6240-000 - ₹ 57.00
Handle Grip LH - 21C-F6241-000 - ₹ 42.00

2022-03-07 17-30-38.jpg
2022-03-07 17-32-36.jpg

Rust inside RH grip.

2022-03-07 17-34-12.jpg

Cleaned and off.

2022-03-07 17-44-58.jpg

Installed new one. Comparing old with new.

2022-03-07 18-03-19.jpg

LH grip still looked new. New one had length difference. I can't make out old and new.

2022-03-07 18-04-14.jpg

Installed. Getting it out is a bit tricky. Usually, would apply a thin film of oil for rust prevention, which causes a little bit of free rotation, but when the bar end is installed, it would be tight between the switchgear and won't rotate unless you wanna force it.

2022-03-07 18-05-40.jpg

Bar end weights. Painted them. I liked their rounded edge compared to original Bajaj ones, so keeping them.

2022-03-07 18-06-02.jpg

All done.

2022-03-07 18-07-22.jpg
2022-03-07 18-07-29.jpg

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