Performance Increase of Hyundai Accent Executive Petrol

Feb 2, 2010
Margao, Goa
Seriously the problem is with your driving style buddy! Climbing uphill with AC ON and the RPM under 1000 in 2nd gear , you have to downshift to avoid that lag!
I always drive with the AC even uphill and manage doing that in 3rd.

I would suggest not to spend of mods like flywheel etc. At the most go for some aftermarket filter and FFE. It won't make much of a difference but you'll feel good. Stiffen up the suspension (check my i10 thread). It will do wonders. Good handling is as important as good power if you want to enjoy driving.
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Jul 14, 2011
@muni_phantom: hows ur experience with AirFilter update??
Well the low pulling is still there. But i felt a marginal increase in thrust . But its after 1.5 rpm only we will feel difference fully. Since its stock replacement there is no much sound difference. Am yet to try in hill tops/ high ranges though.
I guess ECU remap is the only way to get some perf out of accent

Am yet to check on the mileage- But i thk 1 or 2 km increase in current mileage is there now

U have a petrol accent rite? Then why drive it like a diesel? Shifting at 1500-2000 rpm!! The powerband will be nearer to 4000. Make sure u rev the engine into its powerband. And dont worry, it doesnt harm the engine in any way. Rev it like its supposed to be. Other than that, get ur air filter cleaned, use a injector cleaner, clean or replace spark plugs, and finally get the engine compression checked. These basic checks will bring ur car in good form.
Problem is there a lack of pulling when we press the accel. In first gear also while climbing hill(5 person) there is this lack .

Have added alloys now. Need to check whether there is any change in pulling
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Jul 20, 2011
Yeah it makes a difference when you have platinum spark plugs or NGK Iridium or Denso Iridium ones.

@Drifter : Do you re-map the ECU yourself or you have people who do it for you. Doesn't it causes problems in car's electricals
Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, I do the maps myself.

It doesn't cause any problems with the car's electricals. All that's done when re-mapping is re-organising the mapping tables.

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