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Jun 19, 2010
Confused over the title?
Ok here is the flashback..

Me: I need a car it should have been with me 2 years ago, but still its not here i want it now.
Dad : Why do you need it you spend most of the days in office where will you find time to drive.
Me : I have weekends and i like to travel now in my car..
Dad :weekend travel keep aside the money and you can travel in a taxi every week with that money(typical indian father [:)].).
Me : (Totally angry) I dont want to be driven around and i need to drive..
Dad : OK fine your wish. Which car?
Me : Errr..... dont know must decide?
Dad : OK whats the budget..
Me : casually upto 8 lakhs..
Dad: 8 lakhs you will get alto for half of the price(pointing at an ad of alto k10 .)
Me : I dont want an alto i want a fun to drive and good car with bells and whistles.
Dad : Let me know when you decide....

Days passed....
(I am happily test driving every weekend... )

month passed(yes months)

Dad : What happened to your car .dropped the plan(sheepish smile..)
Me: No not at all i am still checking out..[frustration]
Dad: What are you buying a car or finding a Bride??(My dad is not a good shopper. He selects his shirt in 5 min..)
Me : Dad whats the point its two different categories after all..

Later that day..

Was sleeping and got a funny thought how we can relate both.

Disclaimer : This only for fun and i dont intend to offend ladies color cast or creed..
Just ot pen down my car experiences i had to relate.
If moderators feel this is in-appropriate can mail me and ill delete the same..

Cars Driven :Beat,Swift,Figo,Ritz,i20,Punto(new Test drive)
i10,indica,wagonr(relatives or friends cars).

Will continue in next post as it too long.
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Jun 19, 2010
Father-in-law:After Sales Service
Bride : the car

You are looking for a beautiful bride, you indeed find one who is short good looking and her father is quite wealthy so that you don't spend too much money on her, nor the girl is too demanding. She is good for you but you dont find her the right pair for you.

Coming to the car: THE BEAT
This car looks good with very sporty interiors(super bike like consoles and blue lit background ). looks very good from the front but i dont like the backside its too bland and flat compared to the front.

Space: As i said its short(short of space) .I am 5'11 and above average build
For me the driver seat is comfortable for length,but it does not cover my whole body at the back and driver hand brushes with the co passenger while changing gears.. for my driving position the rear space is too less(i tested by adjusting to my comfort and sitting at the back.)

Gizmos : well beat gives ACC ,HU for the price. rest is sporty dials etc...
The interiors are not so good but average.

Drive : Well the 1.2 litre engine was very refined at idle ,but as the engine is revved it makes noise. The low end is good but i doubt its high end as at 80 it was making some booming noise. 4 people in the car(MY size around 80kg) the car would feel underpowered . With AC there was noticeable difference..
The suspension is good and ride was average with noticeable bodyroll.

Service:Chevrolet service are scarce in atleast in bangalore,but third year cashless scheme with 6000Rs(is been given free now). So 3 years it doesnt pinch your pocket.

Verdict : This car suits for a family of 2 adults and 2 children who drive most of the time in the city with enough low end grunt.
This car matches to a personality who is single and likes to move around in a car occasionally wit his girlfriend or friends ,who uses it as a two door car(it looks like a 2-door) .
and 3 years cashless service is good, after 3 years sell the car and get a sedan and voila you had a wonderful car with zero maintainance..
Jul 6, 2010
Nice! So I believe you are going to ditch her for somebody else sooner or later. :biggrin:
Ever thought of doing it up like the one in Transformers?
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Jun 19, 2010
Second choice

You find a girl, pretty decent but lacks the outright look(either too tall or too fat or plumpy) but her father is a very influential person,like a actor or a politician or a rather well known figure among the crowd..
When you say you are marrying her every one thinks(oh, thats good they are from a very good family). Again the father in law is pretty rich and i dont need to spend a penny.. But coming to the girl she is so so,looks above average,pretty lazy to work at home,but she very good at heart, but overall you will be happy, at least
people will recognize you..
When you have a proposal from her dad, every one in the family and friends pushes you to marry her even if you don't like her saying(see she is daughter of so and so why don't you marry? you don't need to worry about you future anymore..)

K i am talking about the Maruti-Suzuki
Ill try to put my thoughts of both swift and ritz as i think its same segment and share same heart. I drove the diesel swift and the petrol ritz just to get the feel of both.

looks are subjective, i find that all suzuki car now selling are just above average take any car(swift >ritz>sx4>alto>astar>estillo look wise.)
both swift and ritz are above average or average in current market.
My dad hates the ritz saying who chopped the car back?
I some how feel its ok
But i dont like the swift not only because of its looks but others(ill get back to it later).but may be the fact like its too common.
Swift was a fresh design when it hit the market(It is like a us,uk girl joining a village college and every single guy likes her because she is looking different .
from the other local girls and every one wants her to be his gf).

Space :
I dont like swift for its looks because it looks huge from outside with its bulges ,but sadly its not converted into space.The driver seat adjusted for me and there is little space at the back. Shoulder space is also just about ok.
I felt ritz to have more space because of its tall boy design there was good space at the back. but both the seats are hard for my taste.
Boot space for both is nothing coll to write about..(a sub woofer and you lost the boot space.)

Gizmos : swift and ritz has acc, audio HU in only petrol zxi version.
which is out of competition . Alloys only on topend zxi..

Interiors : Ah it looks too dull(both) and the famous rattles are maruti trademark .The test drive Ritz was not making much rattles but the swift was rattling like hell salesman told its not serviced blah blah...
I know maruti rattles .. my 800 was ratlling ,cousin's wagonr rattles, friend swift rattles.. so interiors are average..

Safety : Airbags only in ZXi ,abs in vxi and zxi(petrol)

you may be thinking so many negative points but this is the leader in its segment(Is this guy mad or what?)
Read on..
Drive : Both the vehicles have a gem of a heart..
Petrol k series: wow is the only word when i drove it , its super refined has enough grunt tap the accelator and the vehicle moves without a fuss. there is no noticeable difference with ac on. you dont even hear a noise when its idling..

Diesel : i drove the swift so the engine was tuned beautifully for a sporty feel after 2000 rpm the car went swooosh... with 75bhp it had a very sport fell but there was lag below 2000rpm trafiic riding is a little difficult othere wise both are fantastic
both the cars have a notchy gear, lacks steering feel (swift is marginally better). ritz overall view is good .
suspension in both is bad(ritz marginally better compared to swift) siting at the back and going on a potholed road with those hard seats its good exercise to your back[lol]

Service : This is where maruti excels you find a service center every corner of india. and the service is average(from friends and family having maruti cars). but the fact is i find service center very near to my house infact i have 5(yes five) service center in 5 km radius of my home. Feels safe as i can service it anywhere i like if if find one iincompetent.

Verdict: The maruti cars are most suitable cars for first time buyers or people who find cars are for travelling distance a to b. and doesnt want to haggle around distances to reach a service center.
I would like to buy a current maruti cars when i am around 40's,But the k series engine if transferred to a better handling car this would be the hottest hatch.
First time drivers and buyers are better off with maruti cars than any other cars escpecially in the starting segment of cars..

other reports coming up later..
Aug 22, 2009
Nice write up Ram..

What are the requirements for your Bride err.. your girl err... Car!!

That would help us get you the right car.
Oct 23, 2009
Hey ram very funny write-up. Its just amazing that you managed to relate a girl and a car.

Eagerly waiting for the next part.

BTW which girl has stole your heart till now(I only mean cars)?:biggrin:
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