All-New Mahindra Thar (2020) Unveiled

Apr 14, 2014
Crash test videos:

Side impact video:

Absolutely phenomenal for Mahindra to achieve this rating.[cheers]. Especially since the Jeep Wrangler hasnt scored very well in the crash test rating in U.S. To achieve these 4 stars while retaining the thin A pillar design, lot of effort would have gone on the structural integrity part.
Now all those "barely there "3 star rated so called SUVs with airpurifiers have strictly no excuses.
Coming to the issue of design, which seems to have struck a chord with the masses considering the 20,000 odd booking, I would still urge Mahindra to utilise the resources of their North American Studio to work on a design that moves away from the Wrangler inspired theme. It will help them in cementing their reputation in matured markets .
I noticed Mr. Mahindra in an Autocar Professional Interview where he addressed the issue of Legacy head on.He said the word "Legacy" is the most appropriate for Thar since Mahindra has in essence turned out the same kind of product based on its license for Willys Jeep. I agree, Mr. Mahindra, these hardy Jeeps your company built for the past 70 years helped built this country , especially in the high ranges , in the PWDS , in the police forces and innumerable other areas, But once you try to sell this outside India in matured markets..immediately it will be branded as a "cheap Wrangler Knock Off". That "chinese wali feeling" needs to go from what is otherwise a great product.
Quoting Mr. Mahindra from the interview
How important is the legacy of the Thar?
"Legacy is the most appropriate word for the Thar because if you look back, the Thar owes its origins really to the Willys CJ3A, which is the first automotive product we ever made. What is absolutely unique is that this legacy is unbroken for over 70 years."
Source : Autocar Professional
Jul 20, 2010
Bengaluru - Chennai
Finding a successor to Blue Diamond has become a tough task with many contenders!
At last, I found a successor to my erstwhile Nexon after two years. [:)][clap]There were many unsuccessful contenders like Harrier, Creta, Compass, XUV 3OO, Scorpio N, etc. Finally, Mahindra helped me save ₹ 10 lakhs and select LX petrol AT HT Thar. How? See here.
Yesterday afternoon, me, wife and son visited Sireesh Auto, Rajajinagar, Bangalore amidst rains to test-drive Thar.
Had the second test-drive of Thar diesel MT at Chennai.
The first two test-drives were in diesel MT. But, I wanted a petrol AT Thar, which was not simply available both in Bangalore and Chennai. After getting frustrated with my introductory price-protected Scorpio N booking, I decided to explore my all time favourite, petrol AT Thar. Anant Cars, Mysore Road, Bangalore had some October-made ones in ready stock. Immediately, I jumped onto the Thar wagon. The dealership sent a petrol AT Thar to my home. The TD Thar had run 32 k km. Later, visited their yard and selected a red Thar as it was an October-make. My first preference was grey, but that was September-made. Then, I booked the red one and returned home. Yesterday, I made the balance payment by NEFT. The delivery is scheduled for the next week.
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Jan 16, 2016
Mahindra Thar achieves 1 lakh unit production milestone


The Thar was launched back in October 2020 and was the successor to the first-gen model launched in 2010. The SUV quickly became a favourite amongst off-roading enthusiasts accumulating over 15,000 bookings within the first three weeks of its launch, and 75,000 bookings within a year.


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