What is CAI and WAI and Its Benefits?

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Jan 27, 2011
I recently came across Warm Air Intake and read more about Cold Air Intake.

I see many of them suggesting CAI.Does it have any impact on a cold start?

And what is the benefit of WAI?

And what are the effects on the car when stock air intake,CAI and WAI are used?
Apr 17, 2011
Source wikipedia

Aftermarket cold air intakes can pose a risk of damage to the vehicle.
Hydrolock - The intake opening may be closer to the street than an original-equipment air intake, and more likely to introduce water into the engine when fording streams or flooded roads.
Noise - Stock air filtration systems usually include resonator-based muffling tubes. Removing them reduces pumping losses but increases noise.
Can void the vehicle warranty.

A warm air intake or WAI is a system to decrease the amount of the air going into a car for the purpose of increasing the fuel economy of the internal-combustion engine. This term may also be used to describe a short ram air intake, a totally different intake modification.
All warm air intakes operate on the principle of decreasing the amount of oxygen available for combustion with fuel. Warm air from inside the engine bay is used opposed to air taken from the generally more restrictive stock intake. Warmer air is less dense, and thus contains less oxygen to burn fuel in. The car's ECU compensates by opening the throttle wider to admit more air. This, in turn, decreases the resistance the engine must overcome to suck air in. The net effect is for the engine to intake the same amount of oxygen (and thus burn the same amount of fuel, producing the same power) but with less friction losses, allowing for a gain in fuel economy, at the expense of top-end power.
Opposite principle of a cold air intake (CAI) which significantly differs by collecting air from a colder source outside of the engine.
In the extreme, a warm air intake can eliminate the need for a conventional throttle and thus eliminate throttle losses
Oct 8, 2011
Thank God for Wikipedia [:)]

But a CAI is most helpful on a Turbo or supercharged engine as this will increase the effectiveness of the inter-cooler,so if you see the air intake on the diesel swift there is a gap in rubber beading (between grill & bonnet) to allow cooler air than in engine bay to be sucked in,Opening is narrow & positioned downwards to prevent water from entering

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