Volvo Special: S80 First Drive Report

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Aug 22, 2009
  • Car Tested: Volvo S80
  • Variant: 2.4 Liter D5
  • Transmission: 6 Speed Automatic
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Indian Price: Rs.38,00,427 (After Recent Price Cut)
  • Official Website: Click Here!
The Automotive India's Volvo Special

The Automotive India has bring a "Volvo Special" series for its members as well as visitors where we will Test the current two Models available from Volvo India's Stable - The S80 Sedan and XC90 SUV to give you a completely Detailed and Un-Biased First Drive Reports.
Surprised Reading this much only? Real Action is Below, Just check it Out!

About Volvo

Owned by Ford Motor Company, Volvo is a Swedish automobile manufacturer founded in year 1927. Volvo is much reputed due to the world class safety features it offers in their vehicles which includes from small cars to massive trucks. Volvo Recently made their silent entry in India with 2 popular products, The S80 and the XC90. Both the Models have not yet proved to be a much success but not a failure either. The Automotive India Team picked these models to test out where they actually stand in the class, Where they score above in the segment and are they worth spending your hard earned money?

The Volvo S80

Volvo S80 is an Executive Class Saloon targeted to compete with likes of Mercedes Benz E-Class and BMW 5-Series in India, The car was originally introduced to the world in 1998 and soon after few years Volvo released the 2nd Generation Model in 2006. The car was of course safety rich and similar to other Volvo siblings. With-in couple of years Volvo Introduced this model for Indians to taste. However, This car itself didn't tasted the success in India, So Volvo has recently offered a hefty price cut of around Rs.8 Lakhs resulting S80 to become much more affordable than ever.

How It Looks?

The Volvo S80 can not be said to be a head turner nor a drop dead gorgeous, Though First looks of the car are enough to define its build quality and robustness, The Exteriors of S80 are very well built and have a simple yet elegant touch.

Front looks of this Volvo are quite boxy, The chrome bordered grille accommodates a diagonal strip on which Volvo Logo proudly sits.
We can still notice the cues of old Generation S80's headlamps on this New model, Horizontal Headlamps are classy looking without much frills but what lights them at night is a powerful Bi-Xenons which are enough to turn dark into daylight.

Fog lamps of S80 are designed small and they have been tried to place at extreme ends of bumper to easily brighten the corner of roads on those foggy days. Also, Volvo has provided integrated skirts to give this executive sedan a sportier touch over all.

The Side profile of S80, Although it looks simple but defines the luxury in every bit. The outline of the car starts from alligator's mouth looking front and very slowly emerges at rear through C-Pillar resulting in a nice aerodynamic design, Even though the C-pillar is large, It never obstructed in our vision while reversing the vehicle.

Chrome inserting can be noticed all around the car and the doors are no exception, Broad shoulder of S80 connects the front and rear well where as waist lines gives a classy feel. This long 3 box saloon has wide Outside Rear View Mirrors (ORVMs) with integrated side turn indicators.

Rear Profile of S80 is fleshy and the uniquely designed. "Maharaja's Darbar" like tail lamps are one of their kind. Viewing the rear of car will let any one easily recognize that this one belongs to Volvo Family. Volvo S80's Rear parking systems has 4 Sensors hidden extremely low in the curves of rear bumper, Even the rear exhaust is invisible and finds its place under body, Beneath the Bumper. However, We would have preferred a visible dual chrome tip exhaust pipes.

img0799wm.jpg (Above: Tail lamps are on of their kind, Over all rear looks are bland.)

img0802wm.jpg (Above: 470 Liter Boot space is Sufficient Enough to Accommodate your regular shopping bags or Suitcases.)
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Aug 22, 2009
Inside Out!

What's Inside?

With a Sophistication and Elegance all the way outside, Does the S80 lives up to the mark inside? Let's check it as well..

Push the door handle and your ears hear a soothing click sound, Open the doors and you feel like sitting in the lap of Luxury with additional safety. The Cabin of S80 comes with a full milky beige color treatment and a dark brown faux wooden trims all round summed with shiny chrome handles, Power window buttons are tiny and flimsy to handle but the door pockets below are one of the biggest seen in class.


Over all plastic quality is solid and cabin is roomy enough, Also the large wind shield helps provide crystal clear view of objects ahead. S80 comes loaded with plush leather interiors which are really comfortable and the seats have a heat as well as ventilation system.

Dashboard has a layered design and the console in-between has comes with a ton of buttons to make you confuse but you slowly get used to it. All the controls are easy to reach which makes you stay concentrated while driving. Also the four power windows dances up and down at light touch of a button.

The LCD screen on center console also acts as an information system which proved to be small than our expectations. Music system is Volvo's made "Hi Performance Audio" brand which works decently with surround system and you get an optional upgrade to "Dyna-Audio" which is a live Concert inside your car, Even at extreme volumes, Low frequencies and Bass effects are very much clear.

Below music player is a complete keypad and a Blue-tooth connection port to make calls on the move using hands free. S80's dual control automatic climate system is useful for different people with different moods which can be controlled with the help of manual adjusting as well.

Automatic Gear knob slots nicely and is easy to shift which makes drive a comfortable one, The front arm rests offer good support and have a huge partition inside to place medium sized objects.

The speedo-meter console is not the one very futuristic like Audis or Mercedes, But provides a lot of useful information about your ride.

The seats are electrically adjustable & offers good lumbar support, Finding your driving position is just a play with buttons and you also get an option to save settings for future use. Due to a long bulging dashboard, Short drivers may find S80 difficult to drive in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Front seats extremely comfortable & have abundant space even for 6 footers. The A-Pillars are small and slick which never obstructs the view to makes sure that 98% of blind spot is already eliminated. You feel much confident and comfy to hold the four spoke steering wheel of Volvo which has integrated information controls.

Rear seats are well reclined with huge arm rests which can even rival best sofas in your living room. The S80 has adequate Head, Shoulder & Leg room which can easily take on 3 big sized adults at rear.

(Above: Rear Seats offer a great support.)

(Above: Sunroof Opens wide and is nice to feel the outside environment inside your car.)
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Aug 22, 2009
How It Moves?

We are mesmerized by the luxurious interiors, can S80's Heart live up to our expectations?

This executive class saloon works with the help of 2.4 liter Turbocharged Diesel Engine, Featuring sequential twin turbo and the latest Piezo high-pressure injector technology. This inspiring five-cylinder state-of-the-art powerplant will give you access to supreme torque across the rev range.

At low revs, a low pressure turbocharger engages to give instant power and a sharp take-off. At higher revs, a high-pressure turbocharger gradually takes over to provide fast overtaking. Smooth running characteristics and low noise levels further enhance the experience.
A maintenance-free particle filter effectively reduces soot particles in exhaust gases and advanced emission control contributes to low nitrogen oxide levels.

With a surprising 185bhp and 400Nm of torque, The S80 never lets you down in any situation. Put the gear in "P" mode and crank the engine, Well with an absolute silence the S80 charges up for the race. Even few petrol engines will be ashamed in front of S80's D5.

The 6 speed Gear-tonic is lighting fast & Volvo claims maximum speed of 230kmph & NIL to 100 in just 8.5 Seconds.

How It Performs?

Volvo S80 is a breeze in each and every corner, The wide wheelbase and an advanced chasis setup, S80's Multi-link rear and McPherson spring strut front suspension helps to cope with most of the types of roads in our country.

The front and rear suspensions always interacts with your steering directions & provide stable control of your car. DSTC (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control) enhances driving stability in slippery conditions by comparing the rotation of the drive wheels and, if needed, varying the power supply and when necessary, cuts engine power or brakes individual wheels to help reduce skidding and maintain control.

Speed dependent and progressive power steering uses sophisticated, speed-sensitive technology to regulate the amount of power assistance a driver needs.

At highway speeds, steering is firm and more immediate. When parking or in slow traffic, steering is light and effortless. Anti-locking braking system with Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA) and Ready Alert Brakes (RAB) always ensures that you are safe on wheels.

What S80 wears in the foot are Michelin 225/50 R17 which perform a great job when it comes to cornering.

How Safe Is It?

Yes, It's a Volvo and you want us to speak about Safety? You got the idea! S80 can be rated as most safest car in segment. Along with lap of luxurious interiors Volvo has made totally sure that you and your family is safe when on the move. The S80 sports a long list of safety features such as Adaptive Cruise Control with Distance Alert Collision Warning with Auto Brake (CWAB), Driver Alert Control (DAC),Anti-locking brake system with Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA) and much more.
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Aug 22, 2009
How Much It Returns?

The latest diesel engine doesn't only offers refined and luxurious drive but a good fuel economy as well. In City S80 can deliver anywhere near 9 Kilometer per liter and and around 12kmpl on Highway drives, Also the huge 70 Liter Fuel Tank capacity lets you travel an easy 700kms down the lane.

What We Liked In S80? [thumbsup]
  • Impressive Safety Features
  • V8 Engine Option in List!
  • Refined Diesel Engine.
  • Luxurious and Comfortable Interiors.
  • Abundant Storage space.
  • Nice Audio System
What We Dis-Liked In S80? [thumbsdown]

  • No Attractive Looks in comparison to rivals.
  • Missing Sat. Navigation System
  • You need to get "used to" the controls on console.
The Automotive India Star Ratings

  • Design - (3/5)
- Plain and simple swedish design, Not to everyone's taste.

  • Quality - (4.5/5)
- S80 has a Solid Build Quality

  • Comfort Levels - (4.5/5)
- One of the most comfortable car in segment you can buy.

  • Performance - (4/5)
- Volvo S80 is a healthy performer, V8 option is the ultimate in range.
  • Ride Quality - (4/5)
- It is ready to eat our pot-holes any day.
  • Handling - (4/5)
- Michelin Tyres offer good stability as well as handling.

  • Fuel Efficiency - (3/5)
- It loves to drink but returns you the considerable amount as well.
  • Safety - (5/5)
- Volvo. That's it, Do we need to say more on this part?
  • After Sales Service -(3/5)
- Volvo still needs to improve dealership base in India.
  • Value For Money - (4/5)

- One of the Most Safest and Luxurious executive level car your money can buy, Especially after the recent huge discount.

The Automotive India's Verdict

Volvo S80 is nice car but has been overshadowed by some already well-built brands in India like Mercedes Benz, BMW etc. Also the higher pricing initially made S80 to be a no-success, But today, After testing it we discovered the capabilities of S80. The car is not as attractive as rivals like 5-Series or A6 or E-Class but offers such a world class safety which can easily make them embarrassed. Volvo has recently gave S80 a huge price cut which makes the dealer sweeter than ever. If you were looking for a comfortable and a safest saloon and can compromise with looks, under the budget of 40-45 Lakhs. Your search ends here.
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Aug 22, 2009
Which Models Does The Volvo S80 Competes?

Audi A6

2.7 TDi
Price: Rs.40.81 Lakhs (On Road)
Engine: V6
Transmission: Automatic
Displacement: 2698cc
Power: 177BHP
Torque: 38Kgm
  • Height: 1459mm
  • Length: 4927mm
  • Width: 1855mm
  • Wheel Base: 2843mm
  • Boot Space: 546Liters
  • Fuel Tank: 80 Liters

Mercedes Benz E-Class

Model: E350
Price: Rs.50.16 Lakhs (On Road)
Engine: V6
Transmission: 7 Speed Automatic
Displacement: 3498cc
Power: 272BHP
Torque: 35.6Kgm
  • Height: 1471mm
  • Length: 4868mm
  • Width: 1854mm
  • Wheel Base: 2874mm
  • Boot Space: 540 Liters
  • Fuel Tank: 80 Liters
BMW 5-Series


Model: 520d
Price: Rs.39.29 Lakhs (On Road)
Engine: 4 Cylinder
Transmission: 6 Speed Automatic
Displacement: 1995cc
Power: 231BHP
Torque: 51Kgm
  • Height: 1484mm
  • Length: 4841mm
  • Width: 1846mm
  • Wheel Base: 2888mm
  • Boot Space: 520 Liters
  • Fuel Tank: 70 Liters
(Note: Facts from Autocar India Magazine)
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Aug 22, 2009
Variants & Pricing

2.4 Liter D5 > Rs.38,00,427
3.2 Liter I-6 > Rs.39,00,396
4.4 Liter V8 > Rs.44,00,244

Color Choices

  • Gold Pearl
  • Oyster Grey Metallic
  • Amber Black Metallic
  • Willow Green Metallic
  • Electric Silver Metallic
  • Titanium Grey Pearl
  • Silver Metallic
  • Blue Metallic
  • White Metallic
  • Ice White
Detailed Specification

Engine :
- 2.4 Liter, D5(Diesel)

No. Of Cylinders:

- 5

- 2400cc

- 185BHP


- 40Kgm

Transmission :
- 6 Speed Automatic

Brakes :

- Ventilated Discs

- Ventilated Discs

Suspension :

Independent McPherson Struts with Anti-Roll Bars

Multilink, Independent McPherson Struts with Anti-Roll Bars

Turning Circle:
- 11.7 M

Wheels & Tyres:

7"x17" Michelin Tyres and w225/50 R17 Alloy Wheels

Dimensions :

  • Length - 4851mm
  • Width - 1861mm
  • Height - 1493mm
  • Wheel Base - 2835mm
  • Kerb Weight - 1647 Kgs
  • Boot Space - 480 Liters
  • Fuel Tank Capacity - 70 Liters
From Where To Bring Home a Volvo S80?

Impressed with our Report and S80? We'll help you to Locate the Dealers.

Auto Kashyap India
20, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi 110020
Tel: 011-26848388, 26848377, 26848378

Shreenath Motors
Plot No.626, Windsor Building
Behind Laxmi Industrial Estate
Andheri Link Road, Andheri (West)
Mumbai 400 053
Tel: IN +91 2226359100​

Liv Cars Private Limited
B-18, 1st Main Road,
Ambattur Industrial Estate,
Chennai – 600 058, Tamil Nadu
Mobile: +91 (0)9940011336​

Living in some other location? Contact Us and our team will help you to locate a dealer in your area or take advice to choose a right car for yourself. Also, When inquiring from a dealer, Please mention "www.The Automotive" and help us to spread the word.

Once you've bought the car, We're still here for you, Post your auto-related queries in forums to get the right answers.​

Report Credits:
Road Test & Photography : Adam Aniz (Zinam)
Text & Format: Vibhor Tyagi (350Z)

Note: Article/Pictures can not be reproduced in any form without written permission of The Automotive India's authority. (2008-2010)
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Aug 10, 2009
New Delhi
Hello All,
The Excitement is not over yet, We'll be bringing another report in our "Volvo Special" Series. Till then, Enjoy the report of S80 and as we always say please let us know your frank views on the car as well as report. Also, Don't forget to rate the thread if you like it. :smile:
(Note: Volvo S80 was tested on 21st December 2009)

Drive Safe,
Sep 22, 2009
Very nice report zinam. I agree that the exterior looks very basic and not really attractive.I think with the reduced prices itwill attract a considerable number of buyers atleast those who rate safety more than styling.

Great work Zinam and 350Z.
Sep 18, 2009
Great report guys. Rated 5-star.

Car looks to be excellent but as you already mentioned, there are other established brands available in this range.
Sep 22, 2009
We are eagerly waiting for XC90 reprt too. Didnt comment because i knew our mods wont make us wait for very long.
Aug 23, 2009
Surat, India
Very good report guys, Volvo seriously needs to do something to get buyers from that class, the recent price drop is enough to draw many customers but still everybody is interested in German biggies.
Why the bonnet is of silver color or is it covered with something?

Also i would like you guys to test the cars from VW stable too, like VW Jetta(BS4 version) and compare it with others as i am looking forward to buy a Jetta or a Cruze and thus the confusion.
It would be of great help.
Aug 23, 2009
Surat, India
Ok, so my guess was right. And regarding Beetle well yes i read it and also have seen it in personal. I would be waiting for Jetta TD.

Volvo S80 looks really understated but good, although it lacks that 40lac feeling but is most safest, provides excellent comfort and build quality.
Still Volvo is not a brand to be compared with german giants especially in India so they are bound to be slow sellers.

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