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Aug 10, 2009
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It's not surprising why today The Automotive India’s official road test reviews are considered as a benchmark in the industry. These reviews are referred by thousands of experts, enthusiasts and new car buyers alike on regular basis. We take great pride in being an autonomous unbiased community and therefore strive to sustain the quality of every review before publishing it online. All our reviews are an outcome of thorough testing which is performed only by the qualified members of our team. The road testers are responsible to assess various parameters and test the vehicle based on internally predefined criteria in order to uphold our principles. Each review consists of star ratings alongside certain aspects of the vehicle. Here's how to interpret them:

  • tenstar.gif
    (96 – 100%): Exceptionally brilliant. Surpasses everything else.
  • ninestar.gif
    (90% - 95%): Outstanding and mostly competent in the specified area.
  • eightstar.gif
    (80% - 89%): Respectable enough. It’s capable in the area and serves the purpose well.
  • sevenstar.gif
    (70% - 79%): Quite good and nearly up to the mark with its own competition.
  • sixstar.gif
    (60% – 69%): Close to being good but could have been better with slight improvement.
  • fivestar.gif
    (50% – 59%): Strictly average and some things need to be worked upon to match up with rivals.
  • fourstar.gif
    (40% – 49%): Although acceptable but it has a considerable scope for further improvement.
  • threestar.gif
    (30% – 39%): Not at all up to the mark. Way too behind the competition but could do better.
  • twostar.gif
    (20% – 29%): Very poor and not at all practical. Fails to serve the desired requirements.
  • onestar.gif
    (10% – 19%): Pathetic in the specified area and demands a complete overhaul.
  • zerostar.gif
    (0% - 09%): Far below par. Simply good for nothing and not recommended.
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