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Aug 10, 2009
New Delhi
You're welcome to this automotive nirvana! The Automotive India forum is a gathering place for like-minded people, which is founded upon the principles of honor and respect. Our community is drawn together by the virtue of a common interest. We have a diverse group of members with different backgrounds, occupations and beliefs. That said, we enforce certain rules and regulations which are outlined to protect individuals' interests, foster team spirit and further the principles that we hold dear. You're advised to follow this code of conduct in addition to registration policies:
  1. You will not register another account in case your actual account is suspended or to falsely back your own statements.
  2. Perform a spell-check. Using SMS lingo (Eg: Hw r u?), slangs, dots (...), unknown abbreviations is forbidden as it affects readability of your posts.
  3. Since our forum members come from different regions, it is important to keep the medium of discussions limited to English language only.
  4. Kindly ensure to re-read and properly format your post (use "preview" feature) before posting on the forum for the convenience of readers.
  5. Any posts which are either directly or indirectly arrogant, provocative, offensive or threatening in nature will be strictly not tolerated.
  6. Any attempts to spam the board or marketing (directly / indirectly) will invite an immediate severe action against the offender(s).
  7. One-liners that don't contribute to the actual topic aren't permitted in order to maintain the quality of discussions. Use Likes feature if necessary.
  8. Members who encourage unlawful activities such as underage / unsafe driving / consumption of alcohol in public etc will be strictly dealt with.
  9. We strive to maintain this community as an unbiased resource. Member(s) who reflect unnecessary fanboyism will call for a mod's action.
  10. Please remember to provide the due credit to actual author or the website (along with a link) whenever sourcing information from elsewhere.
  11. To maintain a healthy atmosphere, any direct or indirect references promoting or bad-mouthing any website on TAI or vice versa is forbidden.
  12. Use "Edit" function or "Multi Quote" instead of submitting back-to-back posts in the same topic within available edit timeframe of 30 minutes.
  13. Hotlinking is an offence and is not encouraged on this forum. You're requested to use attachment function to upload images.
  14. You are not permitted to bump a topic within 24 hours of its last post for the sake of keeping it in New Posts list.
  15. Before creating new threads, do ensure to check if a similar thread exists by performing a simple forum search.
  16. Discussions on topics such as politics and religion are best avoided considering their sensitivity and diversified beliefs.
  17. Do not share personal or contact information publicly on the forum to prevent misuse. Use Conversation function instead.
  18. All actions are always taken in favor of entire community. Public debates on them are forbidden. Should you have any concerns, feel free to contact us.
  • We strongly encourage to report a post, private message or user in case of a violation of the forum protocol. Your identity will remain confidential.
  • Back to back posts (even within editable timeframe) are acceptable in case of long threads (such as reviews, travelogues etc) that demand multiple posts.
  • Keeping in mind the convenience of users accessing through smaller screens, quote only the required part of a post rather than quoting the entire long post.
Members found contravening the aforementioned protocol are subject to warnings or suspension of their user account. Your cooperation to maintain the quality and a decent atmosphere of this community is much appreciated.

Drive Safe,
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