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Jan 9, 2012
Munnar / Nagercoil
I took delivery of my Tata Aria Pleasure, 10 days before. I'll try to narrate everything by my basic English. Members/Readers, kindly pardon the mistakes.

This is my 4th vehicle, all from Tata stable. 2 Indicas, 1 Indigo marina.

Indica (2003) is our first car. It served well for 1.85 lakhs KMs. Next year (2004) my brother bought another indica. It served him 2.10 L Kms. 2005 we bought Indigo Marina. It served me 1.95 L Kms. I'm very much satisfied with all the vehicles.

Based on my experience if we do follow the service schedules, then in return it 'll give you better mileage and hassle free ownership.

Both my cars used to give me 21km/L in highways with 100% AC, in city and hills 17-18 KM/L without AC.

I never faced any unexpected halt due to any part failure. It gave me confident to acquire another tata vehicle.

Reasons to buy another tata car!
  • Value for money
  • Better mileage
  • All tata vehicles are built stronger than other competing cars.
  • Good/Instant warranty replacements
  • Better seating position. Better seating comfort. Better support for back and thigh

I love station wagons. My Indigo Marina served its duty well. It has lot of legroom, head room and little bit higher seating than normal indigo. More than that it has better AC and 3 times more space for luggage. Lot of peoples dont like station wagons, they prefer only sedans as they think that station wagons are extended hatchbacks. Lot of peoples in my locality calling my tata Marina as Mini Innova. Lot of them dont know the availability of Marina in the market.

Search for new vehicle:

I need bigger car, Higher seating position, More seats, More space, More safety, More comfort, than my current car. and More fuel efficient too.

1. Tata Safar i: Current selling safari lineup will be termed as old generation model in few months. I hate the current center console. And its purely a 5 seater.

2. Toyota Innova : I'm impressed with the resale value. Comfort is very good for highways, but not good in bad roads. Back and thigh support is not good for second row. Safety wise, i'm not satisfied. Its my personal view.

3. Force One : No safety equipment. No service network.

4. Mahindra XUV 5oo : I'm impressed with blue-print design drawing. Nothing more. The feature list is big. But the quality wise its not OK. Feature vs Price wise its pure value for money. But in real/quality-wise NOT.

5. Tata Aria : It has everything what i want. I'll explain the rest below.

Test drive :
I test drove 3 times in the past. But i dont have much money that time. I went to the showroom few weeks before to get a quotation for Aria Pure for one my friend. I'm very much impressed with the discounts they offered. I bring a big crowd with me for a test drive ( Me - 6', My wife - 5'10'', My father and mother around 5'7", My cousin brother - 5'11", My 3 aunties around 5'6" to 5'8"). Me and my wife was occupied the front seats. Second row was occupied by my parents, cousin and the sales rep. The last row was occupied by the 3 aunties after move the second row to full forward. The engine never felt hard to pull with 9 occupants with my 2 KG going small kids. Even the back shocks never shown any over load sign. I never felt any unmanageable load to pull to a nearby hill. All the occupants felt comfortable on good and bad roads. All the last 2 row occupants had needed space for foots. They never hear any wind noise, shock noise, tyre noise and engine noise. They just enjoyed the ride with better HVAC arrangement.

After test cruise was over, all of their faces shown satisfaction.

My father was not satisfied with the over all look in photos sent by me. He felt that, i'm going to buy another big Indigo Marina. [lol] Bcos he love the looks of safari and fortuner. But after see the vehicle in person. He is very much satisfied. He complained the absence of roof rail. But the dealership people dont know how to fit the roof rail.

We felt that its an over grown Manza station wagon with the characters of an SUV. [clap] Primarily its a car with ground clearance and higher seating position/comfort of SUV.

1.85 Lakhs Cash discount + 16" Safari Alloy 45K for 5 + Tefflon + Antirust underbody coating + 10K seat cover + Reverse camera 7K + Extended Warranty + Original Floor mat 1.5K + Mud flop 0.4K

Dealership experience:
Very bad as always. But better than Maruthi and Mahindra dealerships based on money sucking point of view. Maruthi now dealing directly with insurance. They are charging 5 to 7K more than the normal price. Maruthi and Mahindra dealers both are asking to pay more out of ex-showroom price. For XUV, we need to buy 75K worth accessories from them. For Xylo we need to buy 10K worth accessories. But the original value of the accessories are valued just 30%. If we take insurance from outside, Maruti will not support for claim procedures. I think Toyota doing very transparent business as Tata does (Based on my basic knowledge).

I created a small list of small issues in the car while we do the PDI. But most of them are not fixed on the delivery. All of them are not big. They even not checked the washer fluid, oil levels, alignment, etc. I wrote a complaint mail to dealership management. The same day they called me and assured me. More than 4 times executives from tata called me to know about the dealership experience. No questions regarding vehicle. I hope they are very confident about the product and its quality.

The dealership not accepting Delivery Order note issued by HDFC bank. They not even try to process the Temp registration. Its very annoying.

The dealership asked me to take insurance from them (Not compelled). Then i said "Sorry sir. You are charging 7K more". They replied as "Ok sir. No problem. You can arrange yourself."

The executive from TataAssured quoted me very low price for my Marina. After few mins of hard talk with executives, GM-sales called me and negotiated with me very nicely. We conclude a price as my marina has very less takers.

I'm very satisfied with the management and tata. But not with their executives whom deal with me.

My first drive:

Its very satisfactory. But the steering felt very tight. Its due to air-pressure difference in tyres. Front left had 46, all other had 24 to 26. I make it perfect after delivery.

I'm planning for a Munnar trip (400Kms away from my living place). I drove a lot to achieve first service kms mark before proceed to hill stations. Its now 1220Kms. I sent my car for first service within a week after delivery.

I'm learning day by day a new feature of comfort. I'll try to list the features what i like till now.
1. Motorized headlight
2. Light intensity changer for dash lights
3. One touch down power windows.
4. Easily accessible door bottle storage place (not good in innova second row)
5. Sofa like seats (Not as car/innova bucket seats)
6. Wider hand rest. (I felt double then innova/safari)
7. Better back and thigh support even on last row.
8. Magnetic coin holder near hand brake.
9. Rubberized mat to keep mobile phone just before gear lever.
10. Better tilt steering angle. Upper position felt as SUV, Tilted position felt as car
11. Wider horn knob in steering, same as in all tata cars.
12. All buttons/controls are in reach from hand rest position.
13. Wiper speed, wiper with water-spray and without water-spray option for front and rear.
14. Very much wide, heated side view mirror.
15. Motorized side view mirror adjustments.
16. Center rear view mirror has 2 modes as normal day mode and anti-reflect night mode.
17. Multipurpose glove box cum chiller. If you dont need chiller, you can switch off and use it as a glove box.
18. Good speakers inbuilt with better bass and treble.
19. Instant mileage calculator. Better to change driving style to boost fuel efficiency. (If you can keep 40kms in 3rd gear, 60kms in 4th gear and 60 to 80kms in fifth gear for long time to get 25kms/Ltr in plain road)
20. Easily accessible dip-turn light and wiper controls
21. Head light rotary control. If we want to turn on mist light, just to pull out the same rotary knob.
22. Hydraulic bonnet and back door opener.
23. Hydraulic jack with extender bars. One screw driver. One wheel spanner. With better cover pack to avoid rattling sound.
24. Cup/bottle holder for each seat.
25. 12V power point in all rows.
26. Better plastic, Better fit, Better finish all over.
27. More open angle in second row doors.
28. Easy access in and out
29. Great ground clearance.
30. All sensors and most electronic parts from global reputed companies like siemens.
31. Tough sheet metal and thick doors giving more confident.
32. Sexy headlight with projectors.
33. Mist light cover first meter from car, next 10 meters are covered by low beam, further by high-beam. All of them can glow at a time. It'll turn the night to day.
34. Auto lock doors 10secs after start moving.
35. Driver side door unlock button can unlock all 5 doors and diesel shutter.
36. Very very better shock
37. Firm sofa seats.
38. Flat folding last 2 row seats.
39. Woofer compartment in 5th door.
40. Trolley connector in back. You can extend you luxury life here.
41. Each door has 4 to 5 grip position to prevent unexpected door close when your car parked in not-flat surface.
42. Dual very powerful HVAC.
43. Quality, quality and quality every where.

I'll expand this further after i found more.

1. There is no place to keep the service book when the glove box is engaged as chiller
2. There is no storage box near driver to keep small small items.

You must buy first to experience the Aria. You can't judge it by a test drive.
Its not a MPV. Its a manza based station wagon CAR with the characters of SUV.
Its value for money product whom value the quality.

I'll update new photos and service history soon.

Kindly help me to fix the sentence formation bugs.
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Feb 28, 2012
Superb heart felt review buddy and congrats for the elegant aria pics pics pics please have fun and we want you to upgrade the thread very often .
Apr 6, 2012
F Deck
That was excellent narration. Went through each and every line. You're one loyal Tata customer, and a live example of what Tata vehicles deliver. As I said earlier, Tata cars are best at what a vehicle is supposed to do. Transport with all the comfort. No doubts about that. We are eagerly waiting for more posts with further write-ups and more fotos.

I'm sure this thread of yours is going to help people who right now are in confusion on which car to buy. (read parc)
Dec 26, 2011
Sails unfurled ...
Fantastic start !! Nice write up. Now some pictures please, that only would do justice to your Aria thread.
Nice to see that all your Tata war horses withstood the test of time and served you well.
Feb 2, 2012
Congratulations on your new acquisition buddy[clap]. Aria is a very nice car.

And good to see a TATA lover and salute to you for being a TATA fan

That's a really well written review but buddy it's incomplete without pictures[:)]
Feb 11, 2011
Congratulations buddy! Nice write-up. So what's the final on-road price after all the discounts? Waiting for the pics. [:)]
Feb 10, 2012
Well written review buddy, look's like your Love for TATA car's are as good as our Xover[;)], awaiting pic'c of your beauty.

Congrat's on your Aria
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Jan 9, 2012
Munnar / Nagercoil
Thanks friends. I'll get my car back today evening after first free service. I'll post more photos soon.

After cash discount around 14L on-road excluding free accessories.

Out of my interest on tata products, i invested more time to finalize my acquisition among the competition. Some reviews giving negative sign of quality in some parts. Tata replaced everything with new improved parts. As per my personal experience with my 3 cars, their warranty claims are very simple. More over the problems are not repeating.
Jun 5, 2012
Well written bro....indeed you are a tata lover and why not if its served you for ages without any hassle. Waiting to see the car...pics pls [:D]

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