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Aug 2, 2011
While filing complaint online about my insurance policy I came across following complaints.

Many times I heard about bad service given by skoda service stations.
They make very classy and nice cars.But then why they don't provide good ass?

Skoda Fabia Complaint

skoda india

Skoda India / Laura Complaints - Terrible service!

Skoda told to replace faulty car or pay Rs 11 lakh

Quality complaints and worst response to customers by SKODA-INDIA.

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Skoda India new delhi India Complaints. CAR Complaints, Automobile Complaints, Forum Board, Court to Submit, Post Complaint Online Against Companies, Agencies.

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skoda india Complaints - useless service

Skoda Octavia engine problem, service complaint

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Skoda auto india Complaints - a/c switch problem

Ac system mal functioning - skoda laura car - Grahak Seva

skoda laura car Complaint. i am totally harassed since i bought this car..., Skoda Laura KRISHNA AUTOS Amritsar, Skoda , amritsar,Consumer Complaint Company Complaint India

No technical support recived from Skoda India

Ans so many ...I am not against skoda, But I don't understand why there are so many complaints?Whay their customers paying high amount for cars get such treatment?


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Aug 10, 2009
New Delhi
Sorry, it is not Skoda alone. Just check out these links. All of them are complaints against Maruti Suzuki India Limited. You can also search out for tons of more such complaints against Hyundai, Ford, Volkswagen and even Mercedes Benz. The reason why I’m posting it here is to explain that each manufacturer is likely to have certain number of satisfied and unsatisfied buyers. And it won’t be fair to play the blame game unless we have our own genuine experiences to share. Otherwise, this thread will eventually turn as this one where we can have pages long debates speculating or wondering about it and in the end, it becomes pointless which helps neither members nor potential buyers. Let’s keep our community strictly unbiased by discussing something authoritative rather than just guessing on a thing. Thanks.

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