RTOs to issue RCs, vehicle permits within a working day

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Oct 23, 2009
Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) across the State will issue Registration Certificates (RCs) and vehicle permits on the day an application is filed.

The new regulation, which comes into effect on Monday, applies for transport as well as non-transport vehicles and will ensure that processing time is brought down to one working day.

A circular has been sent to all 61 RTOs in the State.

For monitoring purposes, the circular mandates daily reporting of the number of applications and despatches done by each RTO.

A print-out furnishing the details must also be put up in the notice board of each RTO every evening.

Pointing out that RC procedures are nothing more than an entry in a register and hence must not take so much time, a senior Transport Department official said; “RTOs have made the process cumbersome. The new regulation will be an important step towards bringing in more transparency in operational procedures.”

According to the new regulations, even if the applicant does not turn up to receive the RC by the end of the working day, it has to be sent to his/her address through speed post or registered post the next morning.

According to the Department's Citizen's Charter, RCs have to be issued within 3 days, the official said; “Registration is mostly done by dealers. Motor Vehicle Inspectors have to just cross-check the details. Not much work is done at the offices.” Procedural issues that cause delay will also be looked into.

“Some rules like the requirement for the owner's photo on an RC, which changes hands regularly, are unnecessary. A lot of time is being wasted on outdated processes,” he added.


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