Pune To Hyderabad - Advise Required

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Oct 18, 2010
Hi Friends,

I am planning to travel to Hyd from Pune using sholapur highway. Wanted some feeback with respect to the roads on the high way?

Also, since it would be a MH car, would it be ok if i just keep toll tickets n petrol bill to show i just came for a visit to hyd?

My chevy beat would be 5 months old, and shouldnt have run more than 3k. So is it advisable to not go without a service in advance(originally due in 6 months)?

For tubeless tyres any precautions to be taken??
Oct 23, 2009
I don know much about the routes. But no worries even if your car is MH registered. Nobody would stop you for any reasons. I have traveled in Safari to many parts of India , no problems faced till now.

I think first service for your car must be over by now , so no worries. For tubeless tyres make sure you check the air pressure while filling fuel each time. Tyre pressure tends to increase a bit upon continuous high speed highway driving.
Feb 15, 2010
Chevy Beat.
No problem , If its a car of any Registration.
As your car tyre is tubeless, I recomend you to get it filled with Nitrogen.
As tyre wont bulge after long drives.

I myself had done a trip to Pune-Shirdi-Nashik-Pandarpur.
No where i was stopped .
Mar 19, 2014
Opening this old thread again.

Planning to drive my hatch from Pune to Hyderabad on 1st November along with my family.

Option 1 - Pune - Solapur - Omerga - Humnabad - Zaheerabad - Sangareddy - Hyderabad
Option 2 - Pune - Solapur - Akkalkot - Kalburgi - Hyderabad

After reading horrible stories of road on many forums between Solapur and Hyderabad i am worried about travelling. Any update of latest road conditions? How is the condition of roads on return leg (Hyderabad to Solapur)

Also any suggestion for mid range hotel in Begumpet for family stay (should have safe parking).

Mar 19, 2014
After a huge confusion on which route to take from Pune to Hyderabad finally landed using Pune – Solapur – Akkalkot – Aland – Kalaburgi – Sedam – Pargi – Chevella – Hyderabad ORR.
Thanks to Hivayking H V Kumar for the suggestions. Below is the summary of route in details which may help someone travelling on this route.

Traveled date – 1st November 2016
Traveled by – Hyundai Grand i10 Petrol
Traveled with – My wife and 10 years old son.

Pune to Solapur

Excellent 4 lane road. One can easily do triple digits all along.
First speed breaker before NH 65 exit to Indapur. Second speed breaker is placed just before where service road from Indapur joins NH65.

While heading back from Solapur to Pune apart from these two speed breakers at start and end of Indapur there are few more which are at Start & End of Tembhurni and Start of Bhigwan.

Plenty of Restaurants and Petrol Pumps throughout the highway. The toll from Pune to Solapur are,
Kavdipath Toll - Rs.25
Kasurdi Toll - Rs.25
Patas Toll - Rs.65
Sardewadi Toll - Rs.65
Varwade Toll - Rs.50
Sawaleshwar Toll - Rs.50

Solapur - Akkalkot

After the end of 4 lane NH65, take right - left - left (Essar Pump on your left side) - straight to Akkalkot

Few KMs are nice to drive at 60 to 80 KM, but can't maintain this speed throughout as some small bridges have developed huge craters on it. The road are broken in some part. Once you enter Akkalkot the road gets vanished and you need to do some off-roading. Plenty of two wheeler traffic throughout with some occasional trucks and tempos. Beware of dogs on this road, there are plenty of them.

Few good restaurants like Walsangwada en-route. Some petrol pumps as well.

Akkalot - Aland

Once you exit Akkalkot then there are good roads up to Whagdari village where one can do speed of 70-80 KM. Unexpectedly the road gets vanished in few patches after Whagdari where you need to do off-roading for few meters to get on beautiful tar waiting for you on other side. You leave Maharashtra and enter into Karnataka, there is RTO check point in this route where trucks are stopped which makes some traffic.

No eateries found. Very few petrol pumps en-route

1 Akkalot - Aland (1024x768).jpg

Aland - Kalaburgi ORR

Excellent toll roads. Can do triple digits in some patches.
Sarsambha toll - Rs.45, Gulbarga toll - Rs. 45, (Both toll combined Rs.55)

Kalaburgi ORR is pain to drive with mad truck, autos and two wheeler traffic. At few patches the road is broken and have huge craters. Watch out for legendary speed breakers which needs to be taken with ease to escape car scrapping.

Few eateries at Aland RTO and one BP pump near it.

2 Aland - Kalaburgi ORR (1024x768).jpg

Kalabugi ORR - Sedam

Once you join Kalaburgi ORR then you need to keep eye on left side to see "Karuna Toyota" showroom. One need to exit ORR just after it by taking left.

After few KMs you will see Kalaburgi ESI hospital complex on your right side, exactly on opposite side (left) you will find Karthik restaurant (Veg) and SiddhiPriya restaurant (Veg). They have good parking, food and washrooms. Make sure you fill your tummies here itself because almost nothing is available later.

Excellent toll roads hereafter until Sedam, one can do triple digits on this road. Just need to keep keen eye on road once you spot some village as there are unmarked speed breakers laid at start and end of villages. Also check for KSRTC buses, they drive like there is no tomorrow.

After Kalaburgi no eateries. Few petrol pumps en-route which are mostly Indian Oil. I guess I spotted one BP too.

Sannur toll - Rs.55, Kotanpali toll - Rs.55, (combined Rs.70)

ESI Hospital - Kalaburgi
3 ESI Hospital - Kalaburgi (1024x768).jpg

Roads from Kalaburgi to Sedam
4 Kalaburgi ORR - Sedam (1024x768).jpg

5 4 Kalaburgi ORR - Sedam.jpg

Sedam - Kodangal
Good toll roads up to Kodangal village for doing triple digits in few section. Once you enter Kodangal village then you come across broken roads. Watch out for jaywalkers, they doesn’t bother about your vehicles. Expect some two wheeler and truck traffic near Malkhed village as there are few cement factories on the way. At Ribbonpalli village you enter into Telangana State, there is check post en-route hence expect some trucks stopped on your way.

No eateries apart from 1-2 tapris near villages. Spotted one-two HP outlets en-route.

Some biggies on road
6 Sedam - Kodangal.jpg

Road from Sedam to Kondangal
7 Sedam - Kodangal (1024x768).jpg

Kodangal - Pargi

Good roads throughout where one can maintain 80 - 100 KMs in some patches. Watch out for cattle’s, sheep’s and tractor’s on the way. The tar on some bridges is vanished where you need to slow down for some 50-100 meters. While driving from Kodangal to Pargi at some moments it feels like lost in the roads as there is no signage of Pargi for couple of KMs.

No eateries en-route but one can find some old villagers sitting beside roads selling custard apples, they almost give you entire lot at Rs.100. Apart from Telugu they don't understand any other language.

I could spot only one HP outlet in this section.

8 Kodangal - Pargi.jpg

This all i got in just Rs.100
9 Kodangal - Pargi.JPG

Pargi - Chevella

Good roads from Pargi to Manneguda village. It is pain to drive once you are in Manneguda village as roads are missing in few patches. Again good roads from Manneguda towards Chevella, as you enter into Chevella village, roads becomes somewhat wide but they still have broken tarmac and potholes all throughout the village

Spotted one two bars on the roads, no good eateries en-route. HP and Indian Oil outlets at few places.

Chevella - Hyderabad ORR

Few broken patches at the start then rest is smooth throughout until ORR. There are lots of Engineering and Medical colleges on this way hence too many yellow colour buses on the road. As you come nearer to ORR you will get mad traffic all the way towards Hyderabad as if entire world is entering Hyderabad.

No eateries on the way until start of two lane road towards ORR. Few petrol pumps en-route. Once you cross ORR and enter Hyderabad you will come across all sorts of traffic stunts. Most of the roads in city are narrower and have traffic jams with mad drivers along with lost jaywalkers. After driving for 3 days in Hyderabad i am feeling Pune traffic is better.

That’s it! All in all one can use above route for Pune - Hyderabad until NH65 ahead of Solapur gets in good shape. Happy driving!!

PS: - At hotel where i stayed I came across one driver who came in Ertiga from Kolhapur to Hyderabad. He has taken Bijapur road and said that it’s "Extreme Terrible".

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