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Jul 20, 2011
First of all at 350Z: If this thread is not in line with your ideas/forum rules please feel free to delete the thread.

Before going deeper into the thread I want to go into the history of my activity.

As India is a market developing very fast and demand for tuning increases rapidly. I decided about 2 years ago to cater fro the Indian market. After (then) 30 years in the field in Europe I needed a change.

So far, so good.

So I embarked on a study of the Indian market. Well,the demands suited my ideas of performance tuning. I love small cars and have built some rather fast ones that are from factory under 800kg of weight. Currently I build a car that is from factory 735kg with the engine fitted without internal modifications getting the car after a modest weight loss to close to 200bhp/ton. Once the engine is modified to its final stage it will be just over 250bhp/ton.

In the starting holes is another one, which will be under 700kg fittede with a turbo variant of the same engine, where the target is getting close to 350bhp/ton.

This is certainly one extreme of performance tuning, but not all waht performance tuning is about. There is many aspects of it.

Going back to what I embarked to: My idea was to go to India and develop performance tuning items for the Indian market. I was not interested to bring in stuff from all over the world and just throw them at cars.

Well, so I started to make contacts. Quite a few people showed interest. Yo cut a long story short, out of the many people are interested, 9 parties started dealing with me. The result was out of 63 days me being in India 61 were wasted with false promises, many more days in Europe spent on trying to develop products and about 23 lakh rupee later I am still or again at/back to square one.

I have now a good partner, but he has limited technical knowledge.

After all the waffle I can come to the point:

I am not giving up and want to know from the members what they like in terms of performance modifications and which cars for.

The development process is not as straight forward as it seema as models are often technically different in Europe. So it will take time as I have to prepare the products on what I get in terms of information over here and then have to come over to finalise it.

now it is your turn to tell me what you guys want to see on the Indian market for Indian demands in terms of car related performance tuning items.


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Aug 10, 2009
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I am not giving up and want to know from the members what they like in terms of performance modifications and which cars for.
The auto performance tuning sector is still a niche market. As far as modifier’s favourite cars are concerned, there’s a good discussion going on in the following thread. I am sure other members will also be able to assist you with their views and ideas. (Here's link to that thread:

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Nov 1, 2010
@drifter,Let me present my case.

I own punto 90hp. I am damn sure the gear ratio's of my punto is not suited to my taste.

the first gear is too short and torque-y. Similarly the higher gear's needs taller ratio' we have anything from your end as a modifier to manipulate the ratio's within reasonable amount. I bet many will follow.
I have friends who are from South africa,to them these kind of mods are simple things.and it is so tempting to hear when they talk about such things.

To my (our) knowledge electronics and ECU concerning mods have much limited capabiltiies ,limited to overall capability internal mechanical parts.

I have read about your AIR and other related stuffs which are much interesting and inspiring again what deterred me from going for it is mechanical limitations of my economy hatchback.

My heart says that no matter what kind of impetus you have in your head but the kind of task you can handle will be limited to how strong your limbs are else you may require additional leverages.

I admit we Indians are much short of choices so most of the population are not even aware of "modification" possibility,people here believe mods are rocket science limited to manufacturers and authorized service center.

I Hope,by now you might have realized India is driven by economy cars ,and those elite peoples are least bothered about modifications.

One can blame congestion or lack of roads, we have least liberty to drive high power cars and sports mods. a 200bhp stock car wont see more than office to home in its life time and that is the case of majority here.
But reasonable and reliable modifications on economy car will find lot of potential market here. say ,gear ratios,suspesion tuning,mileage boosters..etc
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Jun 22, 2011
Good to see you back in action since you share your experience about Tuning a FIAT Palio NV in July.

I would like highlight that performance modification may not be commercial achievement as many of people understand higher the performance lower the mileage, engine life, reliability etc etc But yes there is clear-cut class of people who understand and do care for the performance jobs.

Considering the higher prices of available fuel in India more and more people are inclined to diesel vehicles.

And we have been offered an engine that is 1.3 MJD by FIAT and many of us call it as National Engine.
I am sure you must have some concrete solutions for this MJD vehicles in terms of performance and fuel efficiency balanced.

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