Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: Nearing 40k Kms

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Sep 22, 2009
Akash .. really sad. Hope they get it repaired soon and use it properly till you return.

Why not leave the car with your parents.
From what I came to know from my parents, the car is running absolutely fine after the head replacement. As for leaving the car with my parents, it is out of question, since we have one driver who has to take care of 2 cars already along with driving hundreds of kms for dads work. So maintaining another car would be too much for him. Thats the reason my dad suggested to give the car to my cousin.

Although I am not very sure what will be the state of car (in terms of maintenance, and it would be too rude on my part to take back the car right away), I have decided to take it back once I am back to India and restore to its glory, whatever it costs. I guess thats least that can be done by me in return of loyalty of my Baby Suzuki[:)]. And trust me, I will convert it into a super hot hatch and this time most of the alterations would be under the hood [;)].
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