Jaguar XKX Electric Car Concept

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Feb 10, 2012
Jaguar XKX Electric Car Concept Inspired by Iconic E-Type.

Jaguar XKX Electric Car concept is one stunning concept which is expected to be unveiled by Jaguar soon. This concept car which looks stunningly beautiful is inspired by the iconic E-Type with modern aerodynamics.

This distinctive car will have layers of microscopic ripples of piezoelectric cells over its body. Because around 60 percent of the energy used by the car at higher speeds is spent on countering the air flow, the microscopic ripples are used to re-generate electricity. When air flows over them, the pressure created produces electricity which is fed back to the Car’s battery. The increases the efficiency and performance of the vehicle.

Another notable feature is the widened side deflectors on the front. They intake the incoming air flow, which then slides along the doors on the side, make a shortcut through the rear wheels and goes out from the huge opening at the rear. This results in the reduction of drag.

One more feature which requires attention in the concept is foldable side-mirrors, which disappears into the body when the car is stopped. They unfolds automatically when the car turns on.

Visually, the side profile of the vehicle is inspired by the leaping jaguar logo. The headlights have been shaped to give the car a look of an aggressive feline ready to pounce.

It is unlikely that this car will go into the production[cry], but the elements of design from this concept can be seen the in the future vehicles of Jaguar.[clap] This car is being designed by Skyrill and Martin Myftiu.


Aug 22, 2009
well first i thought it was designed by dc..he mostly makes fat cars [:D] its ugly imho only thing i love of it is alloys!

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