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Aug 10, 2009
New Delhi
Honored Membership is a special title reserved only for selected few members who’ve a proven long-term track record of outstanding high-quality contribution in this community through various ways. Honored Members are handpicked by the core team based on several factors. Some of them include:
  • An active and a long-term member.
  • Shares very helpful content and is courteous across the forum.
  • Always adheres to forum protocol and cooperates with moderators.
  • Has no recent or long-term record of the infringement of forum rules.
  • Set as a right example in the forum and respected by fellow members.
Exclusive Privileges:
  • Honored Member profile badge
  • Access to Honored Members Zone
  • No advertisements displayed on forum
  • Add maximum 10 conversation recipients
  • Private The Automotive India mail account
  • Maximum storage of 200 MB in Garage albums
  • Free one set of The Automotive India Merchandise
  • Invites to attend industry events as our official representative
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