High End Luxury Cars in India

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Aug 24, 2011
Found very less info on TAI about such beauties, hence decided to start this thread. Actually, was going to start the thread by S Class, but then as new one is coming next year & many already know about current one, decided to start with Jaguar XJL. Will post about S Class & other cars after XJL.

Jaguar XJL

Jaguar has spruced up its flagship XJ L model adding a lot of new features. Though the exteriors are almost unchanged, there have been big changes in the interiors. Here are major of those :-

First, the car is 5247mm long but the interiors of the XJ L are certainly the place to be. The quality of the plastics is top-notch and it seems to be crafted with love and care, looks fantastic. Press the start button and the gear knob rises into your hand. The instrument cluster doesn’t get physical dials; what it has is an LCD screen that glows to display three dials as you crank the engine. Magnificent touches, indeed.

Besides driving, this car is great for rear passengers too (and not all are pot bellied sethjis)[lol]. All new add-ons have been done considering the rear passengers. They are not only limousine-like leg space, but the 2012 version also comes with rear-seat package that gets foot rest, massage seats with recliners, adjustable lumbar support and special head rest. For entertainment, there’s a 20-speaker, yes 20-speaker, 1200-watt Bowers and Wilkins music system. (Ofcourse, things like massager, reclining seats etc. are already there in Merc S Class).

As I prefer diesel for such cars, the specs are 3.0-litre V6 oil burner, 275 bhp & 600 nm of torque !! It has twin uniquely shaped turbochargers to reduce the turbo lag of the engine. The XJ is an all-aluminium construction and is just 15 kg heavier than the XF.

Some more pics of Jag XJL :-


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