Ford May Launch Kuga in India

May 13, 2013
While I agree that the price can be justified with features, I do not agree with the Toyota Yaris example. Toyota has already started offering huge discounts on the Yaris and a price correction is also expected soon.
If you speak with anyone who purchased the Yaris recently, you would realize that there are discounts upwards of 1 lakh on it, and for some models even upto 1.8 lakhs. As I am a person looking ahead to purchase in that segment, and as Yaris is one the main competitors,I have been looking at the car closely.
Toyota has had the "so what?" attitude with regards to pricing the Innova for a while, and have been successful with it as the market never gave good competition to it. The Yaris, however, in my opinion is a failure, even though it is quite a good car.
The EU version of the Kuga had the price of around 20-25k euros. The car was far more loaded than most cars in India for that price range, and I don't expect the same feature list here.
However, if there is a lot of localization in production in India, and if the car is not imported as CBU, I do not see any reason for assuming that it would be coming with a price tag of 36-40 lakhs. I would expect the Kuga to come in the Jeep's price range.
We know what we can expect from Ford in India right, they have been talking about Kuga launch since 2015 I guess and now its 2019 and they are still guessing!
The only Global Ford available to us today are the Ford Endeavor and Ecosport and Mustang ,the Figo,Aspire,Freestyle all 3 are budget models specifically for countries like India and we see how much of a failure they are, for eg: Ford Aspire + Freestyle / month sales ~ Ford Ecosport sales figure /month , reason is simple, Ecosport is a Global Product priced right
Now localizing a Global product is not at all easy, its very very difficult, thats why Honda CR-V costs around 38-40 lakhs, the VW Tiguan costs around 38-45 lakhs,
If Ford has commitment they should have already started localization, but as far as I understand that have no commitment towards India, all they have for India is a FAKE commitment , just to use India's domestic sales for sustaining the export HUB at Chennai , now the Toyota Yaris from what I understand is a prime example of a global car thats CBU import to India , they couldn't achieve the localization target, so they are selling it at the the premium pricing to ensure the CBU import costs are balanced just like how the current gen Honda CR-V, the Fortuner, the Octavias, the Tiguans, the Tuscons etc are doing , what I feel is Ford too should launch the Kuga just like how VW/Honda/Hyundai etc does, launch it with the pricing the peers follow, launch the Global Fiesta too at the price of a Yaris etc, of course the sales volume will be less, but still there will be takers for it who value the product, as of now Indians really haven't got a chance to experience Ford quality, the best they can experience is the Ecosport which incidentally is Fords weakest global product, once customers get chance to feel and experience the true quality of a Global Ford, there will be constant but slow moving demand which pushes the average buying price of that brand , but sadly Ford is least interested in India and way more interested in China where they are accumulating even bigger losses , which shows how Foolish Fords ASEAN management is.

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