Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road

Nov 13, 2011
City of Pearls
Damn that's a nasty accident ilango, unfortunately this is the sad story of our 4lanes, even after laying good roads we still haven't learnt the lessons of the road! I've seen many people on the highway tailgating or rather sticking really close to a truck or bus & then move right to peek if any vehicle is coming, this is a very dangerous maneuver & at times the fatality can be high!

On my recent trip to Tirupati I found a lot of idiots driving on the wrong side just to save some fuel & yeah they got headlights on alright
Aug 9, 2011
Have a look at this!!!
What the HELL. I could feel shivers just thinking if something had gone wrong. Doing such a nonsensical stunt that too on an Innova is insane man.

[shock] Whoa,to do that with an Innova in such cramped streets !,That engine would have over heated in some time i feel,no air passing the intercooler & radiator.
Watching the video gave me jitters and then reading your comments, I burst into laughter. Such insane driving and a petrol head can still think about engine getting heated up. True petrolhead man. LOL.

Aug 2, 2011
I forced him to back up all the way behind till the intersection, from where he had entered the wrong lane in the first place. Yes, he must have cursed me a lot but that is the way these morons should be taught a lesson.

Because of these people, they created a jam on both sides of the road.
Raj: ROFL[clap]I am trying to imagine that Qualis guy's face...

True. I too do this and they end up fighting with us. The irony is, people come in the wrong way scold us badly[frustration]
Mar 16, 2011
I saw a qualis guy coming in my lane ...
[thumbsup] raj_5004

I captured this pic on the hubli highway. I was astonished to see him on the wrong side of the highway when usually vehicles are on high speeds. I was watching him for almost a km untill he finally crossed the divider!
Have you guys been to Tamilnadu Highways? The vehicles come in the opposite direction in the 4 lane road where they will be at far right lane(our lane) thinking that there maybe a breakthrough and can switch swiftly to their lane,which is very dangerous.
There are many accidents that happen on the toll road between Krishnagiri and Hosur. The reason is, there's a hotel on the roadside, where most of the interstate buses stop for refreshments. And there's no cut on divider at that point. So, buses take the cut just before the hotel, and drive on the wrong side until they reach the hotel. Then, they again drive on the wrong side till they reach the next cut, to merge back into the proper lane. Most often it's the SETC buses that resort to this dangerous act.

Power is in your hands, dont allow others to bully you out or your lane. Stop your car and honk like hell even if you have to hold up the entire traffic. Its fun and refreshing plus you get to see the look on the driver's face..:D
Of course it is! But it's not possible on highways! It's either make way, or perish. The only kind of vehicles that can actually bully these morons are those dump trucks without load.

The irony is, people come in the wrong way scold us badly
For that, simply roll up your windows :-)

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