Do You Drive With High-Beams At Night?

Do You Drive With High-Beams?

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Oct 8, 2011
I have seen in our township that some qualified guys park there cars beside road with high beams and take there own time to talk on phone or wait for someone. I feel like [gun] those beams.
Yes this happened to me outside a restaurant(i was waiting for a parcel) in this case the guy did it on purpose on the 2nd time after some people signaled him to switch off the light,he did & switched it on again(guessing he was showing off to his passengers),my car was parked sideways to his & the said person was hitting my passenger with the high beam,after a few mins(yes good 2 mins) i backed out my car to point it into him,by now the guy sensing trouble zoomed away & his car had illegal tints,guess he was nervous as cops were also around.

And today had cars from the opposite signal hit me with high beam,it was annoying as cars from other signal passed in between it appears on & off,My car was positioned away & flashing my highbeam dint make sense.
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