The Pony Car - Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi 2009 (Pre-Tamed Beast)

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Sep 11, 2009
August 2020 - Installing (back the original) air filter

New stock air filter (details in previous post)

2020-08-12 20-08-42.jpg

2020-08-12 20-08-49.jpg

Old Opel filter installed by the stupid garage. See how bad it is with deformed pleats trying to squeeze into where it didn't belong to.

2020-08-12 20-08-17.jpg

Dimension comparison. Clearly shows how "effective" the filter was and self-explanatory why the throttle body got clogged and the car was doomed.


2020-08-12 20-05-03.jpg


2020-08-12 20-05-39.jpg


2020-08-12 20-06-31.jpg
2020-08-12 20-07-06.jpg

Air filter box. Dismantling air filter box.

2020-08-12 20-11-36.jpg

New filter in. A strip of glue holds the pleats in place.

2020-08-12 20-12-36.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
September 2020: More Goodies

Oil change was pending by date, but not kilometers. Currently, running on Total Quartz 7000 semi synthetic, which was already under-filled by the screw-up garage. Wanted to try fully synthetic this time. Checked for options and zeroed upon affordable synthetics, Shell HX8, Castrol Magnatec Start-Stop, Mobil Super 3000. Due to the pandemic shortage, none of these were available locally either in required grade or volume. Not even Motul semi-synthetics (plan B). Amazon/Flipkart wasn't delivering that time due to lockdown complications. Available options were some Servos, Gulf, Reliance, etc. @vishnu vichu always went head over heels when it comes Shell Helix Ultra, which was available, but was beyond budget, but there comes the discount, and we got for Amazonish pricing, still budget had to be extended by 30%. Bought from Ex-Jawan Lubricant Centre.

Ford recommends both 5W30 and 10W30. Ford is not so friendly when it comes about publishing the equivalent standards. Their standards were WSS-M2C923-A1 or WSS-M2C913-B. Eating through the whole Google didn't yield anything positive. As usual bought a different grade [lol]. Most of the enthusiastic 1.6 users use this and are super happy about it.

Shell Helix Ultra 5W40, 4 litre can. MRP ₹ 4980.00. Got for ₹3200.00. (₹800.00/litre)

2020-09-06 12-07-01.jpg
2020-09-06 12-07-43.jpg

Fly like a Ferrari [evil]

2020-09-06 12-07-51.jpg


2020-09-06 12-08-08.jpg

Ford 1.6 have a sump capacity of 4.1 litres and the 100 ml was the pain in the arse. Had to buy another litre. 3.5+1 L combo would've been better, but no luck. MRP was ₹1245.00. Got for ₹930.00.

2020-09-06 12-08-50.jpg
2020-09-06 12-09-01.jpg

Bought a generic belt wrench for oil filter. DIY this time. Got from Karthik Hardwares in Powerhouse Road, the shop from where I bought my first wrench some 10-12 years back. Tried most of the cup wrenches available there and none suited the Ford filter. Picked the belt wrench instead. It was like ₹200 or something. Suits 40-160 mm diameter.

2020-09-06 12-05-04.jpg
2020-09-06 12-06-20.jpg
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