Your Experiences Of Greatest Bike There Was in India - The RX100

Sep 28, 2011
RX 100 was one of the name which will be never erased from Indians. That day youngsters to this year youngsters, this is one bike always have a good value in hearts.
Sound, Pickup, Speed , Lightweight , Good looks etc., After almost 18 years gone after the last RX100 built in India, now too we have lot of well maintained ones with high price Tag.

I had one in 1996 Blue Colored, Delhi Registered which was owned by my Cousin, used by me. Sold on 1998.

Currently I have two RX100 Bikes, One is Escorts Yamaha RX100. Its a single owner owned and i am the second owner. Still the Engine is Sealed and doing great with G1 Engine and Japan Carburetor. Original Escorts meter, Mud flap, Keys are still in good shape.
Actually the owner said, this is one limited version Yamaha RX100.

Another one too is 94 model, i completely altered it to my First Yamaha Color (Blue). G2 Engine, Running in 0.75 Piston. Always i will be questioned from Local guys whether i am willing to sell.

There was one Y1 Bore Yamaha RX100 which was a single owner in my native. Owner is very old now and its like a pet to him. Monthly once i will go his home on helping him to show its sound by starting it. Sometime he will have a very short ride inside his house compound, many times i will take him out as a pillion with his bike.
I think this year as per my wish he will handover to me on promising not to sell to anyone until he sign-off from this beautiful world.
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Jun 9, 2015
New Delhi
hi brothers,[:)]

This has been an amazing thread so far.

The greatest sight in the world:- A drag ported Yamaha RX-135 5 speed hitting the powerband and going like a laser guided missile.[evil]

The greatest aural music in the world:- The way she sounds, while hitting that powerband.

Pure Nirvana.......[:D]
Mar 28, 2011
I'm looking for a Yamaha RX 100 with the Y1 or G1 block and Mikuni carb.
Y1 or G1, Mikuni or Mickarb matters a lot when they are new, but for a used piece of metal how well these are maintained and how does it perform matters a lot than what brand and series they are.
Latest RX100 that you could find in market is at least 25 years old now. What is more important is how well the machine is used or abused.

Stop falling for the Y!/G1/Made in Japan/Imported tags and find a good bike instead

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