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Jul 29, 2012
bumping this thread as the topic was somewhat similar!

Man takes date's Blackberry mobile phone after she refuses to pay half the bill

Kishore Nimmala, 32, took the phone when Fakhara Sultana told him she had no cash during their first date at the Ruby Blue bar in Leicester Square, jurors heard.

Mr Nimmala, who had met Ms Sultana on an online dating site, spent £54 on two rounds of drinks and insisted she should contribute, Southwark Crown Court heard.

But Ms Sultana had assumed it was the gentleman's prerogative to pay for everything on the first date and after Mr Nimmala became angry Ms Sultana cut the evening short.

However, he pestered her for money as she walked to Charing Cross Tube station then seized her white Blackberry phone, it was said.

The alleged theft took place on February 15 this year, after the pair met on dating website, Zoosk.

"This case is about a first date that goes very badly wrong,' said prosecutor Helen Thomas.

"It seems Mr Nimmala was angered by the fact his date, Fakhara Sultana, had cut the night short and as they were walking to the Tube, he saw she was using her mobile phone and stole it from her hand, running away with it."

Ms Sultana told Mr Nimmala she had no cash after they finished the second round of drinks, jurors heard.

"She informed the defendant that she didn't have any money with her and she assumed he would be paying for the evening," Ms Thomas said.

"At this point he became angry and the evening together came to an abrupt close. She announced she was going home.

"They left together and she walked towards Charing Cross. During the walk the defendant kept saying to her that he wanted £25 – her share of what he spent on the evening. She kept saying she didn't have any money.

"At that point she realised the defendant was becoming angry. She got her mobile phone out and started to try and use it.

"At that point, the defendant grabbed her mobile phone from her hand and ran off down the street with it."

Ms Sultana screamed and ran after Mr Nimmala down Charing Cross Road, Ms Thomas told the court.

Two passing policemen joined the chase and eventually caught him in St Martin's Lane, jurors heard.

Mr Nimmala tossed the phone away and it was later retrieved by one of the officers.

"When asked why he ran away, the defendant said 'she took my money' adding 'I took her phone'", Ms Thomas added.

In interview, Mr Nimmala said he wanted Ms Sultana to 'pay her share'. He claimed she was trying to 'cheat him', jurors heard.

He took her phone thinking she would give him her share of the expense of the evening, but insisted he didn't intend to keep the device.

"There is no dispute the defendant took the phone from her hand and nor is there any dispute he had no permission to take the phone.

"The issue is did he act dishonestly when he took the phone and did he intend to permanently deprive her of her phone?

"The prosecution case is the defendant was fed up having shelled out money on a date that was going nowhere and he decided to teach Fakhara Sultana a lesson by stealing her mobile phone out of spite and causing her maximum inconvenience in doing so."

Mr Nimmala, of Skeltons Lane, Leyton, east London, denies theft.

The trial continues.

Man takes date's Blackberry mobile phone after she refuses to pay half the bill - Telegraph


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Sep 7, 2014
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A thoughtful comparison from a enthusiastic petrol-head but a irritating husband (to-be[frustration]).


* Never feels jealous if you eye a better one.

* Never questions your thoughts about having more than 1 at home.

* You can change it without any prior explanation.

* Seldom does it's engine get heated. Most of the time it is cool.

* Never nags you for missing the scheduled service date by a couple of days.

* Maintaining it is less expensive (even if Skoda).

Girl Friend:

Just opposite of all statements about car above! Nothing more left to say![sleep]



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