Yet Another TAI Mega Meet at Chennai: Feb 1, 2015

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  • Jan 18th,2015

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  • Jan 25th, 2015

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Jan 28, 2015
Thanks to everyone from the Chennai Chapter of TAI. It was great meeting all of you, and much thanks for your inputs.

Hope to do it again soon.

Mar 28, 2011
Boss. You joined later I think. I was there till breakfast and left.
Yes sethu ji, I joined the convoy before Lunch.
I could have joined at Thiruvanmiyur at least, blame our admin for it [glasses]

@Admin (AppU): Next time plan for convoy during off-roading [;)]
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Jun 17, 2012
Had a great time guys. So ill post the full experience here.
So here are the list of members who participated.
Vinoth - Appu & Aniruthan - Vista
Dhaya - CoolDhaya - jetta
Surender & Me - City
Karthick - Karthickrish - Amaze
Madhu - Karma0306 - Verna
Sethumurugan - spark
Rado - Amby
Vinodh - octyVin - Octavia
Ajay - Bikerboy - Dzire
Sathish - MrBoss - Sunny
Ram - Getz
Sarav - i20
Pradeep - pradeep_wheels - verna
Ilango - ilango[Speedthirst] - Manza
Prem - vento
Rajan thomas - i20
Aswin - maddy frnd - swift
Rajan thomas frnd - vineeth - swift
After confirming my presence on Friday. I really got excited by Saturday. As I have to join surender bro, called him by Saturday night and decided to start by 5 AM from pondy.
I was woked up by the call from surender ji , at the same time my alarm sounded, by the time I realised there were 3 missed calls from surender ji. So called him to inform, I woked up and assured him I would be get ready by 5. So after finishing my bath, got a call from surender ji as he is starting from his home. By 5.15 he reached the place where we have to meet. By 5.20, I meet him and started the journey towards chennai. Surender ji was cruising in 80 kmph and I was on the co-driver seat listening to the music. On the way to chennai in ecr, we happened to see a lot of exotics bike and cars. We Saw a Ferrari f430 , Audi R8 , Porche carerra, BMW M3 and a Lancer evo. And some BMW bikes, Harley's , R1's and KTM 390. Saddest part is an R1 rider meet with an accident.
By 7.45, We reached besant nagar beach. We were the first to reach and called our Appu bro to inform him, we reached bessy beach. He said he would reach in 15 mins. But he came in some another 10 mins itself. As we were talking, our members Ram, Rajan Thomas ji and his friend with a swift came. In another 15 mins, Madhu ji, Rado ji and Sethu ji reached. So we all headed towards murugan idly kadai. While having our breakfast Dhaya and Sarav Bro reached the restaurant and had the breakfast. So we went to residential street and took some pics with our ride's. Again we started to another location for more pics. As we were arranging our rides, the cops came and asked us to leave the place. So we left the place and headed towards thiruvanmiyur beach. By this time sethu ji bid bye, as he had some family commitments. Already our member pradeep was waiting there and we went to the corner of the beach for pics. Asusal our Appu Bro took his vista inside beach sand, followed by karthikrish ji, Aswin bro and vineeth bro. Our Member Ajay Bro reached the location. Now Aniruth took Appu's vista and made it to struck on the sand. It struck in a way that it's really complicated to take out. So with all our efforts took vista out. By the time both the swift's struck. And were pushed out of the sand and made a photo shoot. After a lots of discussion left to Ecr Dhaba for lunch. On the way our member Ram's Getz was fined for over speed and now octy_vin with kid joined the convoy.
At the time, I was driving Dhaya's Jetta, Ajay Bro overtook and got caught, as soon as we saw the cops Dhaya asked me to slow down and I slammed the brake. Anyway they didn't have the proper info to fine Ajay Bro So he escaped. And now we meet sathish ji at Ecr toll. Came to know he was waiting from 9.45. Sorry for that sathish ji. After that in a convoy to ECR Dhaba. I suddenly saw ilango ji's msg and called him. He said he is.starting from pondy now. So we had our lunch, Rado ji, Rajan Thomas ji and his friend left to chennai. Now again the convoy started towards mahabs. Near mahabalipuram ilango ji joined the convoy. Reached our photoshoot location and had grear fun and photoshot too. . But most of the cars struck here and were recovered by us.
After that we had a cup of tea and bid bye to each other left to pondy. It was really a great experience and let the pics say more abt the happenings. It was really an unforgatble day.
This meet we happened to drive all the vehicles. I drove jetta, verna, vista and sunny
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May 21, 2011
First of all, Thanks to each and everyone who joined the meet. Its pleasure to meet all of you guys.

I don't find anyother word to describe about the meet. Even the word "AWESOME" itself is not enough [:D]

The Rides rocked the show, Especially Amby, Jetta, Getz, Octy, Swift(s), Vento, Verna(s), Civic, Amaze, Manza, Sunny, i20(s), Dizre and ofcourse Vista too..

ECR was occupied by our Rides, People on the road was admired seeing a biggest convoy of cars and we liked it a lot.

Will share more details about the meet later. (Tied up with work[cry])

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