Yamaha Launches Facelifted Crux

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Aug 22, 2009
Yamaha has always been known for superbikes initially across the world. Then, with the launch of FZ-1, it became synonymous with naked street bikes, to a certain extent. The brand gave a good re-entry in the year 2006 with the Gladiator, which then became a series the next year made gave a re-entry tag for the Yamaha. Then, needless to say that the Yamaha FZ-16 and the YZF R15 aided the company to scale new heights in the Indian market. However, the company did not stop its commuter bike – Crux though it’s not the company’s target segment. This bike has now silently undergone a facelift now. Though there is not any major change, the design is set to be in par with the present trend.

To begin with, the Yamaha Crux is now equipped with a Multi Reflector Headlamp to ensure enhanced visibility to ride at night time. The fuel tank is facelifted with new graphic design making it classy than the older one. This is the most visible change out of all which differentiates from the earlier model. The fenders in front and rear are chrome tipped. This was of course, present in the previous model too. The rear shocks are adjustable too.

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