Writing A Good Automotive Review: A Newbie’s Perspective

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Sep 7, 2014
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Writing A Good Automotive Review: A Newbie’s Perspective.


We all love to share about our cars and bikes with many like-minded people across the gigantic World Wide Web. For every owner his/her ride always holds a special place in their hearts and do have a lot of beautiful emotions attached to it. Every automotive enthusiast makes genuine efforts to put across as much details as possible about his/her ride and likes to receive suggestions and appreciation from the fellow enthusiasts so that it motivates him/her to improvise upon his rides in due course.

Writing a review is no child’s play let me tell you. It takes a lot of effort and precision to write about the cars or bikes as a slight deviation in any detail might prove misleading for the readers and other members. I see myself as a newbie in review writing. My exposure to automobiles has been quite long but as much as I can easily contribute about cars, I am yet to learn about two-wheeler from informed people so that I can improvise upon my present knowledge about them. There should be no shyness first of all in admitting that one needs to gain a few points about a particular car or bike because many of us are not associated to any automotive manufacturer. For majority of the e-population the best way to gain information about the car/bike is by visiting informative automotive platforms like The Automotive India and others in league. Hence a good and illustrative review is always appreciated.

Let me also tell you, a newbie review writer should foremost acquire knowledge about the vehicle by referring to vehicle’s literature, visit their dealers and workshops when time permits and gain first-hand knowledge. No one is a born review writer as even the best in the industry made an attempt from scratch and with time and efforts reached to heights of appreciation and success. Mistakes in review writing are inevitable as it’s written by us humans only so the best way to curb such mistakes is to prepare a dummy/back-up. The biggest positive of preparing a dummy is that it gives you lot of time to write, edit, re-phrase your views. It curbs the occurrence of grammatical mistakes to a large extent and one gets a error-free review at hand.

All of us make an attempt to write the best possible review for a vehicle and I am sure the aim is to set new benchmarks in writing a review. As we all have the flair of writing, so here are some suggestions from a newbie to further enhance our future automotive reviews and make them even more detailed:

• Firstly, read about your vehicle. Vehicle’s specifications should be clear in the mind before penning the review. Do not write something which is untrue as it will leave a wrong concept and promote wrong precedence. Just write plain authentic facts.

• Try to include humor in your review. Humor makes reading a review more interesting and brings a smile on the face of readers. Share every moment of your car/bike purchase's journey. I am sure you'll surely love to do it.

• Remember, your review will help 1000’s of buyers and information seekers in learning about the vehicle and take an informed decision so include good amount of details.

• Be normal in language usage. Use words and phrases which can be easily understood by all. Don’t try to prove yourself as a review pundit by cut-copy paste of words whose meaning is not even known to you. This point is applicable on all types of content that one may write.

• Proof reading is also very important. The reason behind proof reading a review is that you may correct any spelling mistake or add a word prior to posting it on the automotive platform.

• Attention to details is one more important aspect of review writing. Always make it a point to capture all significant aspects of the vehicle you are reviewing and pen down those details separately and add them to the review when you write.

• Photography makes a big difference in aesthetic appeal of the review. I have learnt about the importance of this aspect over the time. Initially, I did not have a good camera so my pictures were below average to be honest and I do not shy from accepting it. But, it just took a small effort to improvise on this aspect and at present I can peacefully say that my photos have improved to a great extent. As you may know, every picture is worth a 1000 words so make sure you click good amount of pictures for your review.

• Finally, There is no harm in taking guidance from existing informative reviews and accordingly create your own. Devote proper time and prepare it and never be in a hurry to post.

So friends, I do hope by giving a thought to the above suggestions, all of us can make our forthcoming reviews more expansive and detailed and who knows we might even end up writing official reviews about vehicles too. I wish all the very best to all of you and would love to read more and more reviews in times to come. Please feel free to add your suggestions if any.



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