Worst Experience With Vijai Motors TVS (Avadi, Chennai)

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Jan 4, 2018
Hi Readers

I would definitely like to point out my worst experiences with Vijai Motor TVS located in Avadi of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Couple of days after booking, I preferred to know the exact make month of my bike, and called up Sales. The experience was flabbergasting when I was replied witha heavy sigh or say a very ugly response, and the phone was handed over to the owner / MD of Vijai Motors - Avadi.
Me : Sir, I would prefer to know the month & year of manufacture of the bike allotted to me. (Was I wrong anywhere, or did I cross my limits as a customer, in knowing about the product for which I have made full cash payment? )
MD : Sir, why are you asking these things ? No customer would ask these things and we don't prvovide such infomration to anyone.
Me : Sir, I strongly believe the consumer law allows me to know the make month of the bike I have paid for and am going to own for the next n number of years, and I don't think I am wrong anywhere in this aspect, am I /
MD : Ok (handed over phone to sales people)
Sales Personnel : Well, your bike chase was manufactured in xx day of July month, second shift, with xx:xx pm timings.
Readers, believe me this is the worst response I have ever got from a dealer, whom I have paid in ready cash from my nose, a whole 65000.00, and the MD / head of the dealership behaving this way. Worst experience here.

First of all, no discounts were provided, even on ready cash purchase. (3 years ago, we bought an Apache 160 Eagle Eye for one of our friends from Prabha TVS - Ashok Pillar - Chennai and I requested a 2000 discount for a finance HP purchase! Guess what, we were given 1500.00 discount).
Fine, let that go. We went to showroom at 5.00 pm. They explained all unwanted nonsenses (to me at least) like MERA FREND card), etc, which doesn't mean any thing to me.


All formalities done, the vehicle wa sdelivered with some peculiar kind of garlanding kind of poses, pics were taken that way, and my FB / WhatsApp comments read for the pic as if I had won the bike as a prizse. Buddy - I have paid from my nose for that two wheeler.

The vehicle is handed over, I and my wife with my younger princess are ready to start, when my wifey notices a scratch and damage at the right handle tip, which is 300% nonsense from PDI as well as Sales Team. I don't have words to express my anger even after 16 odd months of purchase.

The worse thing was, when I called the sales LADIES and notified, the lady coolly says 'That's nothing sir, please take it. We will get it rectified next time." I was like, what the hell, I have never seen a dealership deliver a bike like this. I said I am not taking this bike and leaving it with you. The sales LADIES were speechless, browsing for words, when a gentleman, probably from PDI / Accessories section came running, attended my grievance, took the bike inside, without uttering a word of protest. That shows the gentleman's professionalism. He was awesome. Within no time, the bike was back with replaced RH handle grip. My wife was in her Activa and she started off

Coming home and checking papers, I noticed that the xxx Blue Colour was invoiced as some xxx RED colour, which is not at all acceptable. I never expected Vijai Motors has illiterate people at invoicing desk, or rather say, colour blind ladies. I would suggest them to check their eyes before they hire such nonsense people over there to do such responsible jobs.

I immediately rushed to dealer the very next day, and got it changed to BLUE colour. I also told them to update all the system records from the RED to my BLUE.
To my dismay / disappointment, the RC book also came as RED, instead of blue. I had to surrender the original RC book to one elderly person Mr. Perumal, who was very professional, took charge, assured rectification. And he kept his words, within a few days, returned the corrected RC book . No major change, the colour was striked off using pen, changed to BLUE in pen, and was attested by the registrar (RTO).

From day 1, every early morning, I faced a peculiar problem. I start the engine, run it idle for 30 seconds or so, press clutch lever, slot to first gear. Here's the catch. The moment I slot to first gear, with clutch pressed, the bike leaps. That is, I still have the clutch pressed, I didn't release it to move, just pressed the first gear, and the bike leaps forward. Seriously unsafe.
However, initially I thought, this is a minor problem and should get eradicated with usage, and also since I am the solo user of the bike without any pillion most of the time, I kept managing. The issue occurred twice a day, first when I start it in the morning (say after a cooling period of 8+ hours) and second, when I start the bike from office to return, say after a cooling period of another 9-10 hours) and that's it.

After a 8+ hour cooling period, the very first start and then engaging first gear leaps the bike forward, without / before releasing clutch and after that everything is ok, irrespective of how many times I again and again engage first gear from stand still. Next occurrence in the day is at evening, which is after another 8+ hours of cooling and that's it.

3rd day of my ownership, I reported the issue to Vijai Motors TVS, and I was told that this would be checked at First Service at 20th day. I covered 730 kms (750 kms was threshold for first free service) and then took it for first free service, where I explained the issue. Unfortunately the maroons there did not / rather could not get my problem. They mistook it to be like I was getting a vibration or shuddering when moving at first gear. As they didn't understand the problem, or even didn't try to, ultimately the problem was left unresolved. Many suggestions were given by brilliant service team, asking me to idle for 5 full minutes, etc.

I told them sarcastically that this is my second bike and I know how it should behave when I start after cooling period and engage first gear. I also told them (and am telling you all) that I have been a part of Spares Department in Sri Karpagamoorthy TVS , a main dealer for TVS two wheelers in Karaikudi during the period from 2003-2005 and I had been a fan of TVS Victor, which eventually played a vital role in my purchasing the New Age Victor.

I kept visiting their service station multiple times, and the maroons at the service team couldn't understand what I was actually telling them about the problem. My patience having touched my benchmark, I left the vehicle in their service station and left. I emailed TVS MOTOR COMPANY - Hsour, and its national offices across India about the issue and demanded a full refund for having delivered me a faulty, QC - failed, PDI failed bike.

Then got a call from higher ups in TVS MOTORS, I explained everything in detail. I was then called by Vijai Motors service team and I asked them not to touch / start the bike for two full days and I would visit them following Sunday.

I asked the bike to be rolled to me, without starting, the whole service team with Service Managers were with me (thanks to my email to the head offices !). A video shoot was taken by my wife, focussing the bike. I started the bike, idled for 1 minute, held the clutch, and said I am holding the clutch, I will not release the clutch, - Now I will engage first gear. The moment I engage first gear, the bike leaps, but the engine doesn't stop, the leap is just momentary. I told them to check gearbox, clutch and everything possible.

Yuvraj, one of the seniormost mechanics seemed to have understood my problem and took ownership to get it resolved. Two days later, I receive a call from him stating the clutch plates / relevant spares under Warranty. The bike was handed over to me with the problem RESOLVED. Thanks to Yuvaraj and none else from Service Team.


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Sep 7, 2014
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Re: Worst experience with Vijai Motors TVS - Avadi, Chennai

Very bad attitude from dealer's end to say the least. Any customer whether new or a repeat one has all the right to have details of his/her vehicle before taking delivery. Few years back when I had booked an Ertiga from my Uncle's dealership and went to do the PDI, I was denied the VIN/Chassis number details from the dealer's executive. Their stockyard used to be close to a mall that time and so I went with a friend to check the allotted car after getting the VIN from the dealer after telling them that I won't be making further payment until I do PDI. Upon reaching I located the allotted car and found this.

x 2.jpg

x 3.jpg

The dealers often try to avoid the customers upon asking such details. They probably are scared that the buyer may find out the shortcomings in the vehicle and may cancel the purchase. One has to be very particular about all these details before buying any vehicle. Talking of the present day experience, I had a very good experience with the TML dealer here in Noida. They were helpful and agreed with me for the PDI.

In your case, I feel, your constant interaction with the brand made TVS take the right call and help you resolve the issues. Sad part is because of the dealer's attitude, the brand often faces negative remarks.



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