Willkommen Volkswagen Polo Diesel Highline - Ownership Review

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Jun 28, 2011
I know its been a long time of my post. This week had a trip to Tirupati with my family in the Polo. The highway stretch near tiruvallur was indeed bad but people shouldn't doubt this car's ability to handle potholes.

There is a road which turns left before Renigunta, which goes to Trichanur. The road was well laid recently, but after the railway crossing there is a big bumpy pothole or what ever you call it a big pit and it suddenly steeps upwards and joins the tar road (i really dont know why they left it like that as the rest of the road was good and smooth). I was doubtful and scared that the underbelly of the car is going to get scratched and the front bumper is gonna give a sweet kiss to the road [;)] once i reach the upward steep. With all four people in the car i slowly found my way on the pit, was making sure that the underbody doesnt touch anything in the pit and i did it. . So far it was fine, when i started nearing the steep i slowly accelerated and moved out of the pit. The car did it [thumbsup]. After that i had only 1 word, this is brilliant. Many said, it has the low ground clearance and its a problem for indian roads but this car can do it when you challenge it.

Things which i liked about the car during the trip,
1. Excellent highway handler no body roll.
2. Drove with A/c on, it was consistent throughout. I didnt feel any lag.
3. Braking - its become much better after this trip and even during the trip i was confident with the brakes. I guess even the brakes have run-in period.
4. Was maintaining a constant speed between 70-100KMPH. the machine just breezed in the highway.
5. Overtaking - with this turbo diesel, you should'nt even doubt it.
6. Mileage - Gave me an avg of 19 kmpl with A/c on completely.

After this trip , the car's characteristics has changed, the engine has become lot smoother, braking is perfect now. It will stop at the point where you want it to stop. The growl of the engine has become smooth now. With all this it has crossed 2000 kms. All happy with this German machine.
Oct 23, 2009
Great to know you are enjoying the car , the FE which you have got is good. Yes brakes also do have a run-in period. The car will get much more refined as you keep driving , keep enjoying the ride.
Feb 28, 2016
The horn that is used in your car is fantastic. Do you know the actual model number(with brand) of your car's horn?...
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