Why Are Traffic Signals Often Disregarded?

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Sep 7, 2014
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Why Are Traffic Signals Often Disregarded?

This is the question that flashes in many of us when we drive and sensibly stop/go on signals but not all the drivers pay due regards to the signal’s importance. Be it any part of India there is a significant number of motorists who like to take chances by breaking these laws and simplest being crossing the signal when it's not allowed. What does one gain by driving out 20-30 seconds earlier than others who are waiting is beyond understanding.

Traffic lights are there for a purpose and i.e to effectively regulate the traffic on road. For a moment just give a thought to a scenario where in because of 3-4 signal breakers the entire traffic has to suffer. Waste of fuel, waste of time for no fault of their own. All of us are educated and civilized, we definitely understand the importance of the 3 traffic lights but why for some of the drivers, the requisite implementation is sorely missing with regards to the traffic lights? Is it that difficult to follow the signals on road?

Often those who break signals for many reasons better known to them are the cab drivers and to some extent 2 and 4 wheeler driver who are literally impatient to wait even if it’s for their own safety. Following a traffic signal should not be seen as an avoidance of challan by police rather it should be seen as a measure of being proactively safe on roads and respecting the safety of other motorists as well. India is a country where the road mishaps happen more than often. Various reasons given for them range from below-average driving skills, loss of control et al but frankly speaking a major cause of road mishaps and loss of life due to it is the signal braking that is rampant everywhere in India with probably slight difference in number of offenders.

In India, often those who follow signals are termed as “fools” by those who believe that there should not be any stoppage what so ever in their path. This kind of attitude among civilized and educated motorists is nothing but a sheer shame for the entire motoring community of India. However, being a member with one of the most reputed automotive forums in India, and more over as a educated law abiding citizen, I would like to list-down certain simple suggestions that will not only make the life of motorists on road safe rather it shall also make your own life secure.

• Never cross the light when 3-4 seconds are left. This move is simply based on luck. But chances of being unlucky are far more.

• Do not take a left turn if it’s not free and do not pester the fellow motorists by excessive honking from behind to move forward even when there is no place.

• Always stop the vehicle behind the stop line. Though it is a really common suggestion but it’s rarely followed in reality.

• Make sure to slow down on the yellow light. It is meant actually for slowing down your vehicle and not taking chances to cross the road.

• Do not step on the gas right at green light. Give 2-3 seconds for the other side’s traffic to stop. Immediately moving on a green light often results in an awkward situation.

• If the signals go bad, then that doesn't mean one has the right to drive/ride as per comfort or dangerously. It is always advisable to give proper time to all other motorists.

• On a Red Light if you are being followed by an Ambulance then in that case move ahead and give way. That is not a traffic rule violation.

• Always respect those who are setting the right example by following the traffic rules. No one is a fool to wait on a signal.

I hope with these simple suggestions, the driving on the roads will surely be more civilized and number of accidents and loss of innocent lives shall reduce to a large extent. I sincerely do have firm faith in the fact that together we can and surely we will make a big difference by following the traffic signals.


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