What's Next Best Hatch in India?

Next Hot Hatch

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Feb 19, 2010
That is probably too optimistic. Replacing swift from top hatch will take significant time. Also, though i personally feel now that Figo is better, VW does have brand image. And by looks, ride & handling, its is tough to overtake Germans. So let us wait for few more months and see who will be next winner.
Of course, it will take some time for the Figo or for that matter any other hatch to capture the top spot. However, Ford isn't taking this lightly, after all, its Rs.1300 crores on stake! They know that they cannot let go of this opportunity. They will do everything possible to ensure success of the Figo. As far as VW is concerned, sure, they offer snob value, but the Figo is the better VFM car. You get a fully loaded Figo for the price of a base Polo! Now that, is what i call value-for-money. And even though the Polo is a great car at this price, i can guarantee that it will not at all pose a threat to the current market leader, the MS Swift.

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