What You Like: Self Drive or Chauffeur Driven?

What You Like: Self Drive or Chauffeur Driven?

  • Self Driven

    Votes: 38 88.4%
  • Chauffeur Driven

    Votes: 5 11.6%

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Mar 19, 2015
Personally I love to drive my car everywhere. But sometimes when i know i am going to be having a good time with my friends - you know what I mean - i hire a driver from a temporary driver agency or take an Ola.
Long outstation trips, i prefer to drive because my brother is my back up driver when i get tired. Then its only family members and we can do what we want without it becoming a scandal.
With drivers we have to understand that they hear everything we say in the car, be it between family members or between friends. i would not want a third person knowing what i am discussing with my family or friends.
Because i have personally seen drivers in my complex gossiping between themselves about their bosses. Drivers gossip between themselves, then pass on the juicy tidbits to the watchmen or maids who pass that on to their memsahebs and finally everyone in the society knows what this saheb or that saheb/memsaheb did.
That is something i prefer to avoid.

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