What is Your Internet Provider and Plan?

Jan 16, 2016
I have stopped my previous plans i.e idea 3G netsetter 3 & Rel Pro3 (Wifi) 5GB Ul.

Since Jio started their Services, I have been using:

Jio 4G - Rs.399 plan - 1GB per day for 70 days (recent changed plan - earlier it was 84 days)

JioFi 4g Dongle - Rs.399 - 1GB per day for 70 days.
Mar 30, 2011
Quick Review of Airtel's Broadband Plan:

For the past one week, I am using Airtel's 799 Plan with "up to 40 Mbps speed / 50 GB Data / unlimited Calls". Observed a download Speed between "8.13 Mbps and 13.83 Mbps".


I expected around 20 Mbps speeds but got less than 40% of the 40 Mbps. 3 of the above 6 measurements were done before 6:30 AM. Perhaps, Airtel expects me to do the test at midnight 2 O’clock.

Current speeds are adequate to quickly download a 10 MB mp3 file. Good. Call quality is de best with SUPERB clarity.

Two initial irritations:
(1) They have shortened my name on their own and have not corrected it yet. If they do not change it (as per my Aadhaar Card), they will have to locate "the guy with THAT name" and collect money from him.
(2) Initially, I was NOT able to call even Airtel Call Center number (080-4444 4121). Calls to BSNL land-line numbers (local / STD) were also NOT going. Airtel's Solution: From last Saturday, I have to dial "double zero with STD code" before dialing ANY land-line number. Now, from my home Airtel number, it is 0-080 for Bangalore, 0-011 for Delhi, 0-0120 for Ghaziabad, 0-044 for Chennai, etc. How would I call an international number now ?? Three zeros ??? Highly Idiotic... [frustration]

BSNL has increased speed of all its plans to minimum 10mbps. Any BSNL users here?
I was ; had BSNL's "BBG Combo ULD 1199 Plan (2 Mbps / unlimited Data / unlimited Calls)", till 31-Oct-2017. Though Ookla confirmed around 2 Mbps speeds at BSNL server,the "REAL-TIME SPEED" at my Mobile Phone was normally around 500+ kbps (using Android App 'Internet speed'). I went to the exchange to complain and speed increased to 700+ to 800+ kbps; It took about 2 to 3 minutes to download a 10 MB mp3 song. Rarely I had seen 1.2 or 1.4 Mbps. The bill amount was around Rs 1,300/- and calls had the typical "BSNL's Ghrkkh ... Ghrkkh ... Ghrkkh sounds. Considering BSNL's "Low Speed and Poor Call quality", I shifted to Airtel.

I was a BSNL land-line customer from 1999 to till now (except for 1.5 years, due to call quality issues). Lot many people are employed with BSNL, and I was clinging onto BSNL, because my Salary is coming from Govt of India. Hummmmmmmmm. OK, the three SIMs at home are from BSNL. This is the best I can do to BSNL employees.

PS: Using the same Android App 'Internet speed', Airtel's REAL-TIME Speed at my Mobile end is almost equal to what Ookla says.

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