What Do You Replace a Honda City With? Another One. Honda City VX Ownership Review

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Sep 22, 2009
Its been a while since i updated this thread. I last visited home back in Jan'22 reason why the odo reading hasnt changed much[lol]. My new Mazda 6 purchased in April 2023 (yes, i purchased the same car again) has more miles than our 2019 Honda City!

Odo Reading: ~5000Kms. Regardless of the odo reading, the car has been going for routine maintenance.

Issues/Glitches experienced so far: The Infotainment gave up on us a week back. My parents were here with me for past 5 months and the car was barely used. When they got back, the unit wont boot. The display would only come up when the reverse camera would turn on (reverse gear engaged). The service dept promptly sent their technician and replaced the unit under warranty.
While the overall experience with Honda dealer/Service centre has been amazing (including the previous Honda Products), i definitely feel the build quality has definitely taken a hit. While i believe these issues can happen, this issue on such a sparingly driven vehicle is a bit surprising. Especially since Digipad2 was supposed to be better. Additionally, the recommendation by the Technician was that my dad should stop using Apple phone for navigation [frustration]. That would ensure longevity of the unit!

All in all, I am still happy with City for its mechanical reliability/looks however for the price, I don't feel it provide much value (personal opinion).

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