What Do You Dislike in Your Car?

Nov 18, 2014
Nice thread,

There is always something we dislike or compromise while choosing the car that suits our need though we love our rides...Its practically unrealistic to get a perfect car without any dislikes.

Dislikes[anger] in my Eon, Era+ LPG done 22odd K till date...

1. No temperature guage in LPG variant
2. Old school door lock, badly miss the integrated lock with the handle
3. My cost per KM in LPG is more than petrol. Had spent Rs. 27K additional for LPG
4. The center A/C vents are a little smaller and should have had a better angle. In stock position it throws air towards the roof though no complaints on the cooling capabilities.
5. The OEM HU (got the same installed from Magna as Era does not come with HU)does not come with a remote. So non sensor hence I'm unable to retro fit a steering mounted control. I'm used to having one in Palio for the Pioneer unit.
6. Rear leg room compromised for boot. This segment does not need a bigger boot, atleast not my requirement. The boot is larger than that of Swift 210 Ltrs, if I'm not wrong. A smaller boot would have ensured better rear leg room which would have been the biggest USP.

That said, being an LPG variant the spare wheel is placed in the boot and it fits in perfectly, a smaller boot and the wheel placement would have been a challenge.
Like I said you would have to comprise on something, no matter what car you buy, 3 lacs or 30 lacs[;)]
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