VW Polo GT TSI Gear Box Jerking Issue

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Sep 3, 2020
Let me tell you about my self.
Ask me what will i do if i win a lottery of 1 million??
i would say i would spend 2 million on cars, thats how crazy i am about cars.

I own a Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI, VW vento 1.5 TDI DSG, VW Polo GT TSI, MS Ritz VDI.
Recently i bought my Polo GT TSI from a lady. It was 2015 vehicle and less driven well maintained. After i owning it , i drove almost 15000 kms without having an issue, i really enjoyed the drive, smoothness, pickup.
all though i noticed that when slowed down the gearbox shifting from d3, or d4 to d1 would give a sudden jerk. My friend who also owns a GT TSI said that it is common issue in VW DSG's and there is nothing to worry about. even the service center advisors told me that its a known issue.
The problem started after the 45k service, there was some weird noise like the cables rubbing inside the engine and the car used to jerk when in D1 without any hesitation i rushed to the service center where the advisor plugged in the computer and checked for the issue.
After a while he told me that there might be an issue with the gear box clutch or the flywheel, and he also assured that the engine is good and safe.

The car even when it is jerking in D1 was smooth in other gears d2,d3,d4.. and had no issues hitting 140+.

how come a flywheel be a problem in this issue??
Can any one tell me what is wrong. i am really worried.

I take a great care about my cars and cant feel ok since the problem occurred .

Thanks .

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