Volkswagen Vento Tyre Upgrade

Sep 11, 2009
Vento TSi comes in following tyre and wheel configs
1. Trendline 175 70 R15- side wall height 123mm- overall diameter- 601mm
2. Comfortline and Highline with 180 60 r15- side wall height - 111mm overall Diameter- 603mm
3. Highline plus with 195 55 R16- side wall height- 107mm, overall Diameter- 621mm
The first 2 sizes where present right from the launch of vento (more than 10yrs) and is more or less identical in overall height
But the 195 55 r15 introduced with Highline play s model is a large ( almost 3%) larger tyres. Ground clearance increase of 10mm also is observed( no where stated)
Even 195 60 r15 is smaller than this with sidewalk height of 117mm , overall Diameter 615mm.

I had a chat with Service manager at ASC, he said there is no issue in upgrading to 195 55 R15 as it comes in higher variants. I am also informed that suspension and its tuning is not changed as well. Odo might be caliberated by VW as 3 percent change in dia/ circumference is present.

I got a chance to drive 195 55 R15 vento Highline plus and noticed slightly better ride than my vento 185 60 r15. My guess is this may be due to better and newer tyre in highline plus ( 2019 Goodyear Assurance vs mine 2017 Goodyear DP)
Hence tyre quality plays a major part in comfort despite lower sidewall height.
195 looked more suited to vento in terms of proportions
No change in fuel efficiency is also observed in between them as well.
Steering also felt similar.
Plus it gives a more planted feel. My cousin run on S-drives 195/55R15 on his Vento TDI.

Our sold Polo came with 175/70R14 and we ran on 195/60R14 till it was sold, 3 pairs, Apollo Accelera (stock), Yokohoma ES100 and MRF ZLO, of which ZLO was the most comfier and Yokos were the sportier and Accelera were the crappiest.
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