Volkswagen Malappuram: Worst Service, Cheating Customers For Their Benefit!

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Apr 4, 2017
This is about how my First ever visit to Volkswagen Malappuram, under PHEONIX CARS INDIA PVT.LTD went. I feel Cheated for their own benefits by their Service Manager. It all started when i had an issue with my Polo GT TDI brakes and needed a checkup. As i work in Qatar , my dad took it to Volkswagen Malappuram for check up. We usually take it to either Thrissur or Calicut Volkswagen. Dad said will try service at Volkswagen Malappuram this time as it was near to us. We never know we would be paying a lot for choosing Volkswagen Malappuram for service.


On 18/07/2017, My dad took our Polo GT TDI for the checkup for brakes, as the whole car was vibrating under hard breaking. Second Service was done a while back and we chose to skip Diesel Service Action, as its a Voluntary Recall and many who got it done was not happy with the update and have read many negative reviews about the Diesel service action in online forums too. To be honest, most of the guys who got it done voluntarily, regretted getting it done at the first place. The sole reason i went for GT TDI over the Highline varient is only for the added Power and all black interior. Apart from that i couldn't see any difference at that time as all features and else were same. Hence, i clearly chose to opt out the Diesel Service Action and Volkswagen Thrissur complied my request on the same and skipped the update but mentioned on bill as customer not approved as a Note, which was ok for me..

As per the newsletters published in Volkswagen website all cars are fine and comply all legal requirements and fit to run on the indian roads. so, I didn't wanted to fix something that isn't broke and as its a voluntary recall as mentioned in the website,i chose to opt out for time being, based on the feedback from the people who got it done.

My dad informed Volkswagen Malappuram Service Advisor the Same while giving the car to them for diagnosis.The Service Advisor pushed to do emission ecu update , but dad stood firm in not getting it done. Then the Service Manager of Volkswagen Malappuram, Mr. Shinoy came and talked to my dad about why he didn't want to get the Diesel Service Action done. Dad explained the same reasons i wrote above. He even try to fool my dad saying that if he needs to clear the errors or calibrate ABS, as the issue we had was brakes related, he might need to do the emission ecu map update. My dad replied them clearly that, if that the case he will make it ready from somewhere else, as he didn't want to get the emission ecu map update and asked to give him back the car, so he could leave. Then the Service Manager, Shinoy said if he is not willing they won't do any emission ecu map update. So, dad asked to go ahead with the work. After diagnosis they said it has some issues with rotors and need sometime to rectify it. Dad waited over there and got the car back by evening. Dad noticed a drop in power and increase in engine clatter while his return drive back home. As he was getting late for a function he didn't bothered it much. Me and my Dad looks after our cars very well, like a member of our family. Hence, we could easily figure out if something wrong, even a small scratch as we are the only two who drives the car and we wash it ourselves fear of others damaging the paint finish. That's how much we love it. We only gave the car for washing outside only for under body wash, that too only twice in the last two years.


I came home on 20th July for my vacations and noticed the increased engine clatter the moment i got in car from airport and reduction in performance in highways was evident during the drive back home from airport. Something has changed and the car is behaving different. I suspect of getting the emission map update done by Volkswagen malappuram and shared same with my dad. But he was sure nothing that sort of done as Volkswagen Malappuram as Service Manager, Shinoy himself assured my dad, they won't do any emission update. And he haven't received any detailing pack which they give after update. I was puzzled as my car had almost all symptoms mentioned in online forums by people who got the emission update done. From what i have known the emission ecu update is done directly from VW germany servers and can't force update again once its done. So went to another VW service center and got confirmation that its done and have a Flow transmitter in the Air Filter Box of my polo, which is put in after the ecu update is done to compliment it. They also confirmed the update was done on 18/07/2017 and can't update again as VIN is already updated in the system. So everything was clear to me now. There is only one service center my Polo went on that date and it was Volkswagen Malappuram. But i didn't understood why they did it even after telling them not to do to the service advisor and the service manager. If they did by some mistake why they hiding it from us? What i found out after my visit to the service centre again was shocking. Never ever expected such thing from a Volkswagen dealership. Its like they would do anything for their own benefits on your car that you bought with your hard earned money. [frustration]

Its VW A.S.S. What would you expect? Unethical and nonprofessional Behaviour!!

The only Volkswagen Service Centre my car Visited on 18/07/2017 is Volkswagen Malappuram. And its crystal clear and 100% confirmed that they did the emission update map on my Polo even after promising my dad they won't be doing it, by the Service Manager. I feel so mad, Cheated, Fooled, being used by Volkswagen Malappuram for their own Benefits. Its my car, which i purchased with my hardearned money, and a service team at a Volkswagen dealership can do anything on my car without my consent? What made me feel so angry was the fact that they promised my dad they wont be doing anything apart from the rectifying the issue we had with brakes, as we denied the emission update clearly and still they went ahead and done it. I believe if they would have went that far and took risk to cheat a customer they would be getting some benefits out of it. And that proved to be correct when i went to Volkswagen malappuram to ask them why they did this to the service manager.

I went to Volkswagen Malappuram and told the receptionist that my power is down after the service and i suspect some issues to turbo or air intake. She asked us to wait. Then a guy comes asks me where the car is and he sat inside and started the car to take it inside the service area. I stopped him and asked what you doing? He replied was asked to remove the flow transmitter from air filter box.[frustration] I was like WTF!!?? I questioned him how he know its because of that and loss in power can be because of many other things going wrong,and how he so sure about it and how it came inside my air filter box in first place. He said about the update then and i asked who gave permission to do that on my car without consent. He switched off car and got off and said he just an advisor and i can meet manager for this issue to be sorted out and he just did what he asked to do.

Then went to meet Service manager, Volkswagen malappuram, Mr. Shinoy and asked him, how he knew that what's my correct issue even without a diagnosis or asking me whats wrong or is the receptionist is so capable that she could identify the issues so easily. He said it was him ordered to remove that. I asked him so you know that emission update do make the engine loss power and make the engine clatter high? he was like yes we have some feedback like that. I questioned him then how my car got the update even my dad refused it so strongly and even conveyed he not interested in getting it done to both him and the advisor. He then said the update is not done its just in records. but has no answer if only in records how the flow transmitter ended up in my air filter. and my car showing all the symptoms of update like engine clatter is high and low power in highways. I made call to the GM of service pheonix group, Mr.Rakesh from right there and i explained him the issue. he asked me whether it was done on my consent. i said its done against our will. we never wanted it and specifically mentioned the same too both service adviser and service manager, And went there only for a small job. He then said , then i need to talk with Mr.shinoy the service manager at pheonix Volkswagen Malappuram only. when i given the phone to shinoy, he was replying like i am trying to convince the customer, will take care of the issue. From this i understood, its their fault as rakesh didn't want to get involve once he understood its done with my consent and shinoy wants to convince me its ok. And the most frustrating thing was then i noticed a award sitting on the shinoy's table with label "Best diesel service action performer award". Its a clear case of cheating and fooling customer for his own professional benefits. Never knew someone can stoop so low. I asked him if anyone said they didn't wanted the update and he said no. I asked him then whats his issue with sparing me who asked not to do the update. He not only forcefully did it despite we said not interested and even tried to hide it by not giving my dad the detailing kit as it would give away that the update is done.

After an hour, i was getting frustrated about the way he was talking like customer satisfaction and will go to maximum extend for that , i shouted at him and said clearly i am not a fool and i have all the proof and evidence for its done. And challenged him if he has not done update , i need the update now , lets go to service floor and do that. I told him its not possible because its already updated. and he cannot make it only in documents as its downloaded from servers against my VIN, not stored in their local servers. If he so sure can done only documents or records i demanded to get the technician there and he should confirm and get me in written. Then he was silent for a while and said It was a mistake. He never wanted to end like this. MISTAKE!! thats what he named the cheating or fraud he done for his own professional benefit. And what make this more terrifying is that he is the service manager of that dealership.

Volkswagen Customer Service = Mail Forwarding system

Its a system which is a medium through which you can send emails to the dealer by whom you got affected. Whatever you email it will be forwarded to them for resolution. Why can't Volkswagen understand that if we are sending emails to customer care because they can't resolve a problem. My first mail got a reply saying they got it and forwarded to concern team. Then got a mail 2 days later assuring my issues will be resolved and said they will contact me within 48 hours and attached the phone numbers of Shinoy, Service Manager and Priya, Customer relationship manager. and also added Volkswagen will resolve this under their supervision. Two weeks passed and haven't got a single call. I keep on writing several emails to Volkswagen customer care even tried tweeting but all went in vain. Will get a response will contact you in two working days then nothing.

Then after almost 2 months in October 2nd week i got a letter from Volkswagen Malappuram stating that my car was there,job card opened and they did all the works perfectly, which i agree, but that was not my problem. My problem was they did the diesel service action even my dad said them not to do. Even they lied in letter about we were satisfied about our service and gave feedback the same when they called us twice , but in reality dad and i haven't received any calls from volkswagen malappuram even after registering this complaint. I called Priya, The customer relationship manager and as per her , Shinoy, Service Manager is above her she is helpless and can't do anything about this. Even she can't help me with getting the contact details of the higher up's of their group. I dont understand why her position termed as customer service manager as she is helpless if a customer needs help and can't take any action or atleast guide us to get a resolution. Then i called Shinoy and asked him about the letter. He told me that he didn't do anything other than what VW asked him to do. I asked him Its my car. I paid for it. VW has no right on my car. If i don't service my car VW has no right to take my car to service centre and service forcefully. And once its my car even they need to touch my car they need my permission, even to unbolt a screw. The diesel emission update is not mandatory and Indian Govt made a law all cars should be run with that else not fit to run on indian roads.I also told him i won't be leaving this case untill i get a satisfactory reply to my simple question of Why he did it,despite my dad rejected it in first place?

I have sent many emails to their GM Service and AVP, but no response from them till now. It seems they know they are the one who cheated us and they dont have a reason or justification for what happened unless they need to admit they cheated us for their benefits. Till now i have only read the VAG group horror stories online and offline and its so frustrating to be a victim. Though their cars are great such experiences makes you look at others when you due for a upgrade. Its so shocking that even someone at managerial level do such things to customers. I would say avoid Volkswagen Malappuram for your VW service if you love your cars, you never know what will happen to your car in the service floor. I have been to the Thrissur and calicut dealerships of same group, though had little issues common at VW service centres they were accomodating to your requests and helpful too, never tried to do anything behind our back. But Volkswagen Malappuram not only did this on our first visit and they defended it saying its vw and indian govt rules. Shame on you Volkswagen Malappuram and Service Manager Mr.Shinoy, using customer cars as your own for your own benefits.

I would suggest to drive a little more and go to calicut/Thrissur VW for service than to take it to Volkswagen Malappuram and gets cheated. Anyway i am never going to Pheonix group again for anything. Had enough. And now i know why everyone is so scared of Volkswagen though they build good cars. If this is the way they treating the customers i hope soon VW will be the next General Motors in India.

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