Veo Apollo Dual Passenger e-Bike Launched

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Jan 16, 2016

The Veo Apollo e-bike is powered by a 750W throttle assist motor that gives it a top speed of 25km/h. It is a dual-passenger bike that can achieve an assisted range of 72km on a single charge. The bike can carry a payload of up to 181kg and is the first-ever dual-passenger electric bike. It is capable of carrying an extra passenger due to its design. The Apollo uses simulated engine noise when the throttle is deployed so that pedestrians can be aware of the vehicle. The Apollo has compatible batteries with other Veo models, thus enhancing its versatility. The Veo Apollo has a phone mount and a screen that shows the riding parameters like speed and battery charge status, as well as turn signals.

You can connect wireless headphones to the vehicle via Bluetooth to clearly hear music or journey directions. Plus, you can use Veo Voice to read out local micromobility regulations to keep yourself and others safe when riding. The new Veo Apollo bicycle was shown at Micromobility America and is set to launch early next year. It is currently unclear how much the Apollo Veo will cost and in which "select markets" it will be available.

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