Upgrading 2006 Maruti Esteem Headlights.

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Apr 26, 2012
It is after long time i am updating this thread. I had totally forgot about this.

Regarding Fog lamp temporary setup with local glass, It doesnt lasted 2 months. I had again checked for the right side new fog lamp in MGP shop. But the same was not available after waiting for more than 20 days. At the same time Left fog lamp was there and at last i bought the left one, removed the grill and fixed on the stock right side fog lamp grill avilable with the car.

The stock grill came with the car is made of felxible thick rubber and fog lamp housing is of plastc. But the new one has metal grill and metal cover for the fog lamp housing. After fixing in the car, In rainy season, this one gets fogged in inside. May be due to the fixing not done properly by my mechanic. The wires came with this one also has extra length and the same not reduced by the mechanic and he just connected it and used only cello tape. Now sometimes i find the wires hanging.

Regrding Osaram Night breaker plus. Though it is ok for normal driving with better lights (as per my friend, it is better than the stock HLs of his new Swift), but it is not even visible on rainy days, city lights and not enough on highways when we drive above 100km/hr. In these times, I shall pull the HL switch lever under the steering and that will light both points of the bulb. Lights will be enough at that time.
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