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Mar 31, 2017
Hey Everyone, I have recently taken delivery of XUV from Unnati Motors Pune. So I am going to draft my experience here. I would also request everyone to pen down their experience here. I am trying to dedicate this single thread to benefit users.

Unnati Motors headquarters are in Nagpur and parent company is Micropark Logistics. They have multiple dealerships of Renault and Mahindra across Maharashtra.

They have recently opened a new showroom in Pune, Viman Nagar and I have purchased my XUV from there and I am going to divide my reviews from following perspective.

  • Pre-Sales experience
  • Sales experience
  • Post Sales experience
  • Delivery experience
  • After Sales Service (This will be done later)

Pre-Sales experience
Rating - 10/10
My first visit and at that time I was not even sure that I would ever take new XUV. What all I was looking for used W10 AWD. I have been greeted by girls on reception and immediately assisted to a table. Within couple of minutes I have been introduced to their sales executive Mr Rahul. He was a novice (yet to learn much) but he was trained well to give introduction of XUV. He also offered me the test ride. We were not in mood of test drive but he insisted so we took it.
It was not just test ride but it was an extended test ride and he had let take vehicle anywhere any terrain; I want.
I asked him if I can come again along with my wife, which he happily accepted.

15 days later I reached to their showroom on Sunday early morning at 10:00 AM. The staff was arriving but our sales executive was out for an event. But Unnati guys called them up he made himself available in 30 mins. We have been offered a cozy room to wait where we could have watched TV and read newspaper, laying on sofas.

This time sales executive again introduced XUV to my wife in Cheetah style and again he offered an extended test drive. He was answering every query patiently and things which he didn't know he was trying to get answers from various sources.

He clicked few photographs of ours during test drive.

Sales Experience
Rating - 8/10
We decided W10 and booked it on the spot. It was chq payment but we were expecting a reciept which was not given because it was Sunday and cashier didn't turn up at that time. We have been promised that our vehicle will be delivered in 15 days.

Post-Sales Experience
Rating - 9/10
The real tasks begin from here. Submitting the required documents for Bank loan, insurance, RTO etc. However they have been very helpful and they have dedicated persons for all this stuff and each of them did their job very professionally.

PDI by me experience
Rating - 7/10
This is the dark side of any industry. Don't expect much hospitality in support and technical department in any industry. Whether it's IT or Automobile. The PDI in charge was not trained to speak with sugar coated words. He was damn techie who had blunt answers for everything. In fact the poor rating is not because of his answers, it is because of his revelations he made, For example when I was inspecting my vehicle and figure out some problems he said these are normal and I should take them easy. I saw an unregistered XUV in body shop for rear fender broken, he said this is normal in logistics. All of sudden a driver (employee of Unnati) turned up and took over in this conversation and he was more customer oriented and immediately took me to stockyard and shown me all other park XUVs. He also offered me test drive of my own vehicle and afterwards he took me to nearby shack for tea & tobacco discussion (and paid from his own pocket) :)

Delivery Experience
Rating - 8/10
I have been called a day before delivery. They explained me delivery time but they should have explained me the process as well (which I learnt later).
The entire delivery process was smooth and they did special ceremony and they gathered for pooja. Vehicle was decorated and a big key was given.
Sales executive Mr Rahul has explained feature. As Android auto is new thing for him as well so he called a guy who had taken the training on Android Auto. Unfortunately that guy was not able to demonstrate it because they were not having USB cable. Interestingly they were expecting me to furnish cable.
The documentation part was very lengthy and it took 3 hours and I got my insurance cover note after 6 hours of final payment.
So overall - ceremony was 10/10, handover was 9/10 and documentation was 5/10.

So to summarize
What we liked
  • Friendly and humble staff of Unnati Motors.
  • Every time you walk-in you are immedaitely asked water and tea.
  • Spacious showroom and their safe parking lot.
  • Keen to delight the customer and for small things they can visit your home and office.
  • No bars on test ride length.
  • Good hospitality.

What they can improve
  • Seperating their section for
    • e2o, XUV & Rexton
    • KUV1OO and TUV3OO
    • Bolero and Scorpio
    • Bolero Maxi cabs, Maximo Pickup trucks
    Although I am happy because I do not believe in fiancial differences and status but there are many who do notice this.
  • Making documentation process faster.
  • Keeping attention to details like they should keep USB cable to demo Android Auto. It is not proffesional to expect USB cable from customer.
  • Though Mahindra's hospitality is good but they need to learn from NEXA.
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Mar 31, 2017
First Visit to Mahindra Unnati Motors Service Centre, Wagholi, Pune
I was constantly hearing chinking noise from front LHS wheel so I visited their workshop.

I was immediately attended and was asked water / tea / coffee. The adviser heard my issue calmly and went for test wide. Initially they thought I've come for regular scheduled service but nobody denied admission though I was not having any prior appointment. It is absolutely necessary to mention this because Silver Jubilee Motors do not allow entry without prior appointment.

There are couple of points I've noticed in their workshop which I would like to mention.

  • The workshop is located approximately 1 KM from main road and approach road is broken and dusty. I believe in rainy season, this road will become too much dirty and mucky. Even if they wash vehicle, I believe it will again become dirty by the time it will reach main road.
  • Their workshop was neat, clean and organized. Everyone was professional and helpful.
  • Customers are not allowed in workshop area but I had requested to grant me entry and explained that I need to be there for educational purpose, nothing else. After little discussion, they let me in near my vehicle.
  • Surprisingly waiting lounge is very small and there are no separations for Mahindra Jeeto to Rexton. Jeeto and Rexton owners enjoy the same waiting lounge and same advisers.
  • [ISSUE] All the vehicle in workshop were not having fender apron (to protect vehicles from scratches and dents). This is against Mahindra norms. Check the attachment.
  • [ISSUE] Mechanics and advisers are free to take vehicle out of workshop by just nodding their heads / minimal conversation with security guard. In case of accident during test drive, it would be difficult to identify who was accountable for taking vehicle out. Here I found Silver Jubilee Motors very professional. Nobody can take out vehicle from their campus without documentation.


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Mar 31, 2017
17.06.2017 - Unnati Motors Customer's meet

Unnati Motors have organized an event for customer's get together and I've been invited in that.

I think the objective of event was following
1. Importance of RSA and Zero Dep insurance and encourage customers to avail that.
2. Introduction of entire service team to customers.
3. Explanation and query resolving sessions of customer specific vehicles.

Overall it was a nice initiative however people did not turn up to join events. Their were hardly 15-20 people (6-7 owners with family)

Recently NEXA did same thing but they invited people on the name of kids drawing competition :)

I also feel that they should also explains customer about few basics like engine idling, general check-up of vehicle which was missed in this program.

I've also observed that vehicles are still not being covered by aprons and disposable protective covers. Though feedback was passed to them long ago.
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Mar 31, 2017
19.08.2017 - Unnati Motors Workshop Visit for service

Seen some welcome changes since last visit.

1. Vehicles seats, steering and gear knob are now first protected with disposable covers
2. All vehicles in bay were covered with fender apron.
3. All the staff is very humble and polite (as usual)

Some other points
Got my vehicle back in 3 hours. This was never the case with Silver Jubilee. I had to wait for almost 6-8 hours to get my vehicle back. May be due to number of requests they get.

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