ULSD cut the life of Fuel Injectors & Fuel Pumps?

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Sep 18, 2009
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Sudeepd said:


Just have a look at the below point
"Further, because ULSD can otherwise cut the life of fuel injectors and
fuel pumps in half, Federal regulations require gas stations to add (for the first
time) performance additives to the new Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)" mentioned in the DIESELS: under "17. Use a Good Fuel Additive" tip.

Does Really Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel cut the life of Fuel Injectors and Fuel Pumps?

Hades said:
nice observation, really aroused my interest since the nature of my work also involves using low sulphur fuel albeit of a completely different case scenario and much greater repercussion.
Regarding life of the fuel pumps and injectors - the only problem that has been reported is that of the fuel pump seals leaking and therefore the fuel pump has to be overhauled at a lesser interval than stated by the manufacturer. there has not been a single reported case of a fuel pump getting damaged, if that was your concern.

SO, to further answer your query - many of the new low sulphur fuels are expected to contain lower levels of aromatics. The change from a higher to a lower aromatics fuel can cause fuel pump seals to shrink. Aged seals, which do not have the elasticity to adapt to this change, appear to fail sooner. Some of the new low sulphur fuels are expected to be more susceptible to oxidation. The resulting oxidation products (peroxides) could attack the seal material and cause it to prematurely age.
furthermore, Fuel additives do not appear to be a solution, since they do not change the aromatics content of the fuel. The seal failure is not related to fuel lubricity. Lubricity affects wear of metal parts. There is no relationship between the fuel lubricity level and the elastomer (seal )failure.

sudeepd said:
Hi Hades, Thanks for detailed explanation. I have query but dont know whether it is related to this topic. Our Indigo LS (May 2004) which has covered 1,66,000+kms is suffering from poor initial throttle response. However, the top end (Read RPMS >2000), is identical to when new. The car struggles to pull while the AC is ON even when only 2 passengers are sitting inside. There is a play in the Accelerator Cable which the TASC has not been able to remove. This play is forcing me to press the acc. by about 20-25% more than actually needed. This play is present since the Odo reading was 1,35,XXXkms. Till date I am using the car in this condition. I got Fuel Pump Calibrated at Lucas Service Centre and changed some parts within the Pump at 1,52,XXXkms. But still no effect.Can you tell me what is the culprit?
Hades said:
well, it's not related to this topic, but nevertheless red tape doesn't bother me much. Mods might want to shift the topic elsewhere. I dont' care...
Ok, so - bad throttle response points to the fuel system, but since you didn't mention if you had your tank cleaned and fuel filter renewed. I'm going to recommend those two things first. more than 150,000kms without a tank cleaning could be the cause of your problem.
The accelerator cable seems to be a bothersome cable - are you sure it's a play or is it just a deadband? - to check this, have a friend sit in the car depressing and releasing the accelerator pedal, while you peek under the hood to see if the fuel lever is moving along with him pressing the pedal. if there is no movement when he changes reverses his movements (when he releases the pedal after pressing it and vice versa) then you've got a play. Otherwise your fuel pump is troublesome and not responding to changes in fuel volume. This again could be because of a faulty fuel pump, faulty fuel pump filter, faulty fuel (change over to premium fuel from a different pump, just for one time), or it could be because there maybe an air leakage in your fuel line somewhere between the fuel pump and tank. Have this pipe checked and changed.

sudeep said:
As mentioned in earlier post, I got the Fuel pump calibrated and some of its (Fuel Pump's internal parts) changed at 1,52,XXXkms. The bill was Rs.5850/- Parts--Rs.5050/- and Labour (Calibration Charges)--Rs.800/-. Current reading is 1,66,800kms.According to your advice, I checked the movement. If the Accelerator is pressed, the end under the hood has to move by about 1-1.5 cm before the Engine Rpm rises. So is it Deadband? How to get rid of this?I will replace the Diesel Filter and check out.Thanks for your reply.
Hades said:
if it's moving along with the pedal but still no engine rise within that 1-1.5cm- that's a deadband and quite a high one too. first let's keep the fuel line, fuel tank, fuel filter, and quality of fuel in order.
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