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Aug 10, 2009
New Delhi
Turtle Wax has concluded its first ever “Modern Classic Car Rally” in India at Sofitel BKC, Mumbai.

Over 50 classic cars including limited edition supercars manufactured between 1970 to 2001 were displayed during the rally. The convoy drove over the Bandra-Worli Sea Link and returned to Sofitel BKC.

Some of the participating cars included: aguar E-Type, Maserati Biturbo, BMW E30, Mercedes-Benz SLs, Dodge Viper, Ferrari 348, Honda NSX, Mazda Miata, Toyota Supra, Aston Martin DBS etc.

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Press Release:
Turtle Wax, Inc., an award-winning Chicago-based car care company, concluded the first-ever car rally in India dedicated to modern classics at the Sofitel BKC, Mumbai. In association with Autocar India and with Shaman Youngtimers, the Modern Classic Rally 2021 featured over 50 immaculately maintained cars.

A modern classic is a car that is usually between ten and 30 years old and the category includes a variety of body styles, from coupes to even SUVs and limited-edition supercars. Modern classics are especially loved because they have a lovely blend of old-school engineering and (almost) modern electronic precision.

Over the last half a decade, in line with international trends, modern classics have been gaining in popularity in India. Prices of cars such as the Mercedes W123 and the Mazda Miata MX-5, among others, have shot up exponentially. And top restorers in India’s metros are now increasingly working on several such examples.

The Modern Classic Rally 2021 is both a reflection of the rising awareness and prominence of these cars among the country’s car enthusiasts and a celebration of their numerous attributes.

The cars that took part in the rally included Viveck Goenka’s Jaguar E-type, a couple of Maseratis, a BMW E30 that once belonged to Jehangir Nicholson, a few Mercedes-Benz SLs, Dodge Viper, Ferrari 348, Honda NSX, Mazda Miata, Toyota Supra, Aston Martin DBS, Alfa Romeo Berlina 2000, Citroen DS, Maserati Biturbo among others. The participating cars drove in a convoy over the Bandra-Worli Sea Link and returned to Sofitel BKC.

In addition to the spectacular assortment of cars, Turtle Wax put on a demonstration on car care products on how to protect these iconic cars that represent old-school engineering and modern performance standard, appreciated hugely by car owners present at the event. Speaking on the occasion of this milestone event, Mr. Sajan Puravangara, Managing Director, Turtle Wax India said “The love of modern classics has now acquired the shape of a movement both internationally and here in India. As an award-winning, innovative brand that breathes auto culture, we are proud to be part of this movement,”

“Modern classics are much more than a hobby - they are a way of life. They are about communities. You do not buy into modern classic ownership, instead, you buy into a lifestyle,” said Perseus Bandrawalla curator of the Modern Classic rally.

The Modern Classic Rally 2021 followed mandated Covid-19 protocols.
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