Triumph TR2

Sep 26, 2012
Copenhagen, Denmark
Hi Shynish

Good catch – fabulous car – MY car. [clap]

Great finding “the Small Green” on a page from India.

A friend was looking on the net for pictures of TR2’s found yours and knew that my cars had been used for my sons wedding – and passed on your link to me.. Pretty surprisingly !

Hope you enjoyed your stay in DK – if ever back here I owe you at trip in the TR2.

It’s built in 1954 – chassis no 1990 – was originately sold for US buyer – been in US for quite many year before she returned to Europe and finally to DK – have had 2 DK owners before me - I have had it nearly 3 years now – bought in in more or less the condition you saw – have added wirewheels, boot rack, smaller repairs etc etc.

It’s modified a bit, cam changed – 2 Delorto 45 mm Cab’s, Kenlowe fan, oilcooler, electric ignition, diskbrackes on front wheels.

Your pictures was taken while the wedding was going on – the happy couple – still happy ! have got a son - now 11months - have added a few more pic's.

Thks bringing out my car internationaly and thks all for the nice comments.
All the best from Copenhagen Preben - the happy owner of The Small Green

Bryllupsbil 2.jpg

bryllupsbil 3.jpg
Dec 1, 2011
Preben this is quite simply fantastic, the fact Shynish took a shot of your car and you stumbled upon it(after years) and further gave insight about this beautiful machine on this forum is very sporting!

We all in the Forum would love to see more pics including interior pics.

Best Wishes to you and your Small green!

and cheers to TAI for unravelling such classics!

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