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Aug 6, 2011
Meerut, U. P.
Well, it looks like Toyota is having happy customers and very competent A.S.S. throughout the country. I have seen owners from Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Indore, Bhopal, Calcutta, Visakhapatnam and many more cities who just keep on praising the A.S.S. and even have made their mind that their next car will be a Toyota itself. Many have their cars out of their budget (except Etios twins) but those people also expect Toyota to launch a car between Etios and Corolla or a UV lower than Innova so that they can get the proper upgrade they wish to have.

I also have had some very nice experiences while buying or servicing at Toyota A.S.S.. In fact even if they end up screwing the experience for some reason, they turn around the experience in no time by a way or two.

I have seen the MS service guys shouting at cabbies and even customers do have to face slight if their anger over anything. Tata guys are better less said (they are improving though) but the Toyota A.S.S. guys are always very courteous. No matter you are a cabbie or a private owner (there are many private Innova and Etios/Liva owners after all) they will calmly listen to you, clear all your doubts, take the requests if you have any and then they take your car for servicing. When the car is returned back, you have absolutely nothing to complain and the bills further sweetens the already sweet experience.

Some instances which sent me head over heels at times:
1) Car was on the flatbed after an accident and the service guys called me exclusively to know if I am okay. In case I am unable to visit them then they will reach me for every single formality. I had faced an accident in Hyundai car bit the guys were least bothered in anything. Just handed me the insurance form and told me to get it filled from the friend driving and get it back to them.

2) I leave my car in A.S.S. in afternoon and call then in evening requesting them to return my car as it is because I had go for a long night journey. The SA listened to me, they assured to give my car back after proper servicing only. What next? The guys stayed back till 8:30 pm and got my car ready to leave. I never experienced any such experience with anyone else. Instead once we reached Maruti A.S.S. at 6:30 pm and it was closed and SA had his phone switched off and this was after we already requested him to stay back till 6:30 as we were late and needed the car on same day.

3) I just said that I am not satisfied with the paint finishing after a minor accident. To my surprise, the SA just looked at it (there was really acceptable work done though) and said "sir although this much difference remains and people accept it. Still I can get it done again and try to get it done even better. If it gets right then great but if same finish persists again then only panel replacement or complete panel paint will be an option". I accepted it and they repainted the panel. I have once had a bitter argument with MSIL guys over the paint color difference of the bumper of Swift DZire and believe me, they just said " buy a new one or get it done from somewhere else, we have this only and we can do that again but you will have to pay for painting twice".

4) Innova was losing current I guess because if earthing or maybe some short circuit. I was 30 kms away from my dealer and notified them of it. We had to jump start the car once as battery went dead (new battery). In the evening I had the battery dead again in no man's land (we were in farms to enjoy a tubewell+cocktail party and car was parked for 4 hours) Called up A.S.S. without expecting them to provide any help and what. Their guys were there with a new battery to check and jump start my car. What time this happened? Around 7:30 pm and that is not the duty time of A.S.S. guys at least.

If everything is under control then these guys are the only ones I have seen who easily go out of their way just to take care of their customer and that's what makes their service the 'Q' service.
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Nov 7, 2013
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If everything is under control then these guys are the only ones I have seen who easily go out of their way just to take care of their customer and that's what makes their service the 'Q' service.
The same happened in my case. It was time to do 25000km service, and Nippon Toyota is having a centralized scheduling system for Periodic Service. I was on vacation and my schedule was very tight, and no time that matches with their schedule. I requested and conveyed my inconvenience, these guys arranged a time slot according to my convenience. I appreciate their efforts.

My vehicle was having a rear seat noise. I reported this problem, and they could not trace it out. This time I mentioned to the service advisor, he spent some time with me trying to understand the origin of the noise. His curiosity paid off, he found the issue and fixed the problem. I am happy on his investigation.

I have Wagon-R and Maruthi ASS. I feel Toyota people are more professional.
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