Tips For Buying a Used Scooter?

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Jul 4, 2011
Central India
Please tell me which are the things I must verify before buying a used( 2-3 year) two wheeler particularly a scooter .Also how much difference will it make if I go for a used one instead of a new one.How much will the engine deteriorate in 1 -2 years.Also suggest me among Honda Activa ,Eterno and Suzuki Access which one will be better. [confused]
Aug 2, 2011
Re: Help Needed!!

I had honda Activa, we used it for 7 years and finally sold it for 22k.
Only reason we sold it was 'Failure of automatic start mechanism' and
Even after kicking a lot it simply refused to start.[frustration]
We were too much frustrated by this problem. Almost in every serive we showed to service center people,spent a lot money on changing battery, starter coils. Also shown to local mechanic many times but no one was able to solve the problem.
I see daily many activa owners facing same problem on road.

So my suggestion to you is check starter mechanism first.This is the problem in almost all the scooters.The new scooters are now come with good batteries so they wont give much problem.

Also check suspension of activa.the bearings get damaged quite frequently.
Check the scooter with 2-3 local mechanics before purchasing.

All the new scooters Activa, Access, Duo, Radio, pleasure are 50k on-road.
You can find a better old one if you are willing to spend 25k.

Dont bye Duo, Radio I have a very pathetic experience with it.

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